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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (June 1, 2017): GFW tag title match!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (June 1) from Orlando, Floria and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, LAX will face the Veterans of War to crown new GFW tag champions. Plus, Low-Ki will face Andrew Everett and Allie will be in action. We’re also just four weeks from Slammiversary so the plans for that show will become clearer.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!

Note: I original thought this was their first episode from India. That is next week. This is their last episode from Orlando last taping. I apologize for the confusion



EC3 segment

The show opens with a band of sorts in the ring. And then out comes EC3! Is it his barbershop quartet? There are more than 4 of them actually but they are harmonizing like it. The group sings EC3’s theme.

Carter says he’s ready to take back what’s his, the world champion because... then he has his band sing “Number one contender” in the tune of “He’s a jolly good fellow.”

He says that he has faced Lashley before, but now he has the answer. And that’s his fight music! Cue the barbershop crew.

Alberto El Patron’s music plays and the GFW champion comes to the ring. And Karen Jarrett, Bruce Pritchard (with Tyrus), and Dutch Mantell come out. Pritchard says that Patron will face Carter tonight and he’ll have to put the GFW title on the line. But EC3 also puts his #1 contendership on the line. And they’ll do it in a steel cage.


Eli Drake (w/Chris Adonis) vs. Moose (c) for the Grand Championship

The judges, who are usually nameless, are Pritchard, Mantell, and Scott D’Amore this week.

Round One: Moose starts with a big boot an takes it to Drake early. He then tosses him across the ring. And again.

However, Drake clips the leg of Moose and then starts focusing on it. Much of the second half of the round, Eli Drake is working over the knee of Moose.

Eli Drake wins the round by unanimous decision

Round Two: Drake goes right back to the let of Moose. The champ tries to fight him off, but to little avail. Moose finally gets a moment when he is able to pull his legs back when Drake is trying to work them around the ring pole from outside, pulling Drake into the rope. He then drop kicks Drake off the top rope. Then a Powerbomb and a senton. Moonsault but Moose comes out grabbing the bad leg.

Moose wins by split decision

Round Three: Both men come out with haymakers to start this round. Eli kicks the knee but Moose kicks Drake’s face. Moose hits a Go to Hell Power Bomb. Kick out!

Moose nurses his knee while Drake slowly gets up. But Drake tosses Moose and goes for a pinfall for a 2 count. Now both men trade blows in the middle of the ring, both men staggering.

Moose fires up with some elbows, though still gimpy on his bad leg. Adonis pulls the foot of Moose outside when the ref is distracted Skylord Slam by Drake but time ran out!

Moose wins by split decision

Drake starts yelling at the judges post match.


They show Allie backstage, who is confused what that demon person helped her last week. But then Rosemary siddles up. Allie nervously asks “Ms. Assassin” why she helped her. She said while they may have lost their family, the hive still speaks to her and they told her to protect Allie.

There’s a video of Matt Sydall saying tonight’s X Division match between Low-Ki and Andrew Everett will set the standard.

Amber Nova vs. Allie (w/Braxton Sutter)

Amber Nova is billed “from the garage.”

They show Swoggle in the crowd.

Nova starts by slamming Allie down by her hair. Allie tries to grab Amber from behind, but Nova easily gets out and tosses Allie down again.

Allie is able to reverse a whip and follow up with a splash. Then a clothesline. But soon Nova is back on top of Allie, putting the boots to Allie in the corner.

Nova goes for a kick but Allie catches it and responds with a clothesline. Then another. And a third. And a fourth! Allie whips her in the corner, but Nova gets the foot up. Amber climbs to the top but Allie grabs her and delivers a Death Valley Driver. 1-2-3.

Allie def. Nova

Post match, Allie hugs Early Hebner and then Amber Nova (who wasn’t feeling it).


They show Jeremey Borash and Joseph Park driving into the backstage area in a gold cart.

LAX vs. Veterans of War for the GFW tag titles in a no DQ match

Swoggle still watching from the crowd.

Starts with Ortiz and Wilcox. But it soon becomes all four men in the ring brawling. Homicide and Diamante gets involved too this being a no DQ match.

When they feel Wilcox is neutralized, they leave the legal men too it but Wilcox clothesline both Ortiz and Santana and tags in Mayweather. Ortiz tries to take it to Mayweather, but he easily neutralizes him.

Santana slides in from behind and takes it to the left leg of Mayweather while Wilcox is mugged outside but the rest of LAX. Ortiz tagged in and continues to work on the big man.

Mayweather tries to crawl to Wilcox but cannot tag in. (Why Wilcox doesn’t just run in this no DQ match is beyond me. Oh he tried but the ref stopped him for some reason in this no DQ match.)

After a betting, Mayweather is able to hit a End of Days like move to Santana and finally tag in Wilcox. Ortiz in too. And Ortiz get a BIG Fallaway Slam from Wilcox. Then a clothesline. Samoan Drop. Goes for the cover but Diamante pulls the ref out of the ring.

Mayweather gets hit with a weapon from Konnan outside. And in the ring Homicide hits Wilcox with a flag. Ortiz and Santana hit their blockbuster powerbomb to Wilcox for the 1-2-3.

LAX wins the GFW championships


JB and Joe Park are interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. JB says he’s always wanted to be an announcer, but never in his life has he wanted to step foot in the ring, especially against Steiner. So he’s not going to do it.

Park says JB needs to. They’re going to train and learn everything about tag wrestling starting now. But JB says Park has lost his damned mind and leaves.

Andrew Everett vs. Low-Ki (c) for the X Division title

Sonjay Dutt joins commentary for this match. He’s got an eye patch over the bad eye.

Things are very even early. Everett is able to land a drop kick but Low-Ki is able to get his feet up while Everett charges and splashes Andrew in the corner. Everett hits an enziguri that knocks Ki from the apron to the floor but Everett misses a splash an Ki runs back in the ring and delivers a baseball slide to the challenger as Impact goes to break.

When Impact returns, Low-Ki has control of Everett with a chinlock. Everett fights back but a kick to the gut quells his rally.

Everett finally fights back with some forearms and a drop kick that brings the champ to his knees. Andrew goes up to the 2nd rope but Low-Ki just rips him down and goes for a cover. 2 count.

Low-Ki keeps the pressure on. However the challenger is able to hit a Pele to knock the champ down. Ki misses a splash and the challenger rana’s him into the corner. Standing shooting star splash to Low-Ki nets him a two count. Everett goes for a springboard but slips and the champ immediately goes for a cover. 2 count.

The two men are soon fighting on the top rope an Everett knocks Ki to the mat. Shooting Star Press... but Low Ki gets the knees up! Double boots into the corner and Ki climbs to the top. Warriors Way! 1-2-3.

Low-Ki retains his title

Post match, Low-Ki and Sonjay Dutt jaw at the announce table.


They’re still doing Make Impact Great videos. This one is Lashley’s.

They show Swoggle in the crowd and Spud hits him from behind! He tosses Swoggle to the area around the ring and grabs the hammer from under the ring!And he unloads on Swoggle! Get him Spud! He hammers him in the dick!

Alberto El Patron (c) vs. EC3 in a steel cage

If EC3 wins, he wins the GFW title. If Alberto wins, he gets EC3’s main event spot.

Carter tries to escape early, but El Patron pulls him down and works on him with some strikes. He uses Carter’s momentum to toss him into the cage.

Carter soon gets control though and starts working over the champion. Patron fights back and hits a tornado DDT from the corner. The champ tries to climb the cage to escape but Carter is up to meet him. Both men on the top rope and Carter tries to German his foe. Alberto fights out but Carter grabs him and delivers a Samoan drop from the top rope! Impact goes to break.

Ethan is control when Impact returns. He lawn darts AEP into the steel. Patron finally hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to even things up.

The champ starts climbing the cage, but EC3 is there to meet him. He tries for a powerbomb but Patron punches him off. Carter punches the leg of Alberto, gets Patron on this shoulders for a front Electric Chair.

Now it’s Carter trying to climb and Patron runs and delivers a backstabber.

Both men are up and trading punches in the ring. Carter rakes the eyes. But Patron drop kicks Carter’s knee. Superkick to the knee! 2 count!

Alberto calls for the arm breaker. However, he can’t hook it. He misses an enziguri and Carter hits a cutter. Both men down.

Ethan up first and looks to go for the One Percenter... but Patron drops EC3’s arms own on his knees. Carter tries for the TK3 but AEP locks in the armbreaker! EC3 breakers out. Alberto misses a spear in the corner. TK3! 2 count!

Sit down Powebomb by Carter, but Patron kicks out at 2. Carter decides to climb the cage. He’s moving slowly and AEP is able to run up and meet him. Now Alberto is climbing over the top and it’s EC3 playing D. Alberto lands kicks that get EC3 in the tree of woe. Alberto hits his stomp from the top!

Patron puts EC3 in the middle, climbs to the top... Frog Splash! 1-2-3!

El Patron def. Carter to earn the right to main event Slammiversary and retain his title


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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