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Impact Wrestling Preview (June 1, 2017): GFW tag title match


Correction: The original version of this incorrect. I thought this was Impact’s first episode in India. That is next. This is the very last episode from Orlando from the last set of tapings

Impact Wrestling returns tonight (June 1) from Orlando. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) How will the atmosphere be (next week)?

For the first time in a long time, Impact is leaving Orlando, Florida and next week they will be airing from across the seas. And for the first time in ever, they will be airing from India.

This will undoubtedly have a different feel than what we normally get from Impact. It’ll be a bigger crowd and it’ll be a foreign crowd who may take in and respond to pro-graps different than we do in the states. Perhaps they’ll be quieter at times? Maybe they’ll be rowdy.

The different feel will be a boon for a promotion that can only do so much in the small confines of the Impact Zone.

Obviously, I wrote this when I thought this would be the first episode of the Impact India tapings. However, keep an eye on the Impact Zone tonight, which will be on their 7th day of tapings and we’ll see the difference next week in front of a fresh crowd from Mumbai.

2) What happens if LAX wins the GFW titles?

LAX will face the Veterans of War in the finals of the GFW tag title tournament. This tournament was put together to crown new tag champs after the last team, the Bollywood Boyz, went elsewhere. (The Bollywood Boyz left before GFW and TNA merged.)

LAX is already Impact tag champions. If they win the GFW tag championships, will that be essentially merging the titles? (Though if that’s the case, why do this at all? Which is something that may be a bit of a spoiler.) Or will they have to defend both sets of titles?

With so many sets of titles floating around, an LAX win would give us a hint of what happens to the Impact titles and their GFW counter parts.

3) What is Alberto El Patron doing at Slammiversary?

Speaking of GFW titles, the GFW wold title is in the hands of Alberto El Patron, who defeated Magnus to become champ. While it was hinted that the person who holds the top GFW prize would face Bobby Lashley, who holds the top Impact prize, at Slammiversary. But then, EC3 won a triple treat against James Storm and Magnus to win the right to face Lashley. So where does that leave El Patron?

Perhaps that main event will transform into a triple threat match. That would make sense if they want to merge all the titles (which they absolutely need to). Outside Lashley, as of now, there isn’t another match that makes sense for Patron. But they have four weeks to get us there.

4) Is this Andrew Everett’s best chance?

Last week, they announced that Andrew Everett would face Low-Ki for the X Division championship one on one tonight.

This is Everett’s best chance in awhile. He’s was part of a 5-way championship match and a couple weeks ago, he was part of the triple threat Ultimate X match. But finally he gets his one on one match. If he can’t get it done here, Everett may need to get in the back of the line.

5) Is Allie still playing a girl who really can’t wrestle?

Allie will be in action tonight against an unknown opponent.

In the world of Impact, Allie is a pretty inexperienced wrestler. She really just signed on as Maria Kanellis’ assistant and then found herself in matches. If she won any matches, like the time she won the Knockouts championship (a favorite moment of mine from last year), there was often a lot of luck. Of course, in reality, she’s been wrestling for a long time and is very good at it.

Tonight, we see how far the character has come. Supposedly, she’s been training with Braxton Sutter for months so some improvement will make sense. Whether or not they opt to forget that plot point entirely to involve her in bigger matches will be seen tonight.

Either way is a fine way to go here as long as it gets Allie a more featured role. Last week the current Knockouts champion Rosemary stared her down and I’m really excited to see where that goes.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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