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Impact Wrestling ratings (May 25, 2017): Numbers up for Scott Steiner’s return


The viewership totals and ratings are in for last night’s line up (May 25) and Impact Wrestling’s numbers were up this week. The viewership total was 305K, an increase from 272K last week. The ratings number jumped to 0.08 after a week at 0.06.

This increase is despite an NBA playoff game as competition (there wasn’t on last week) and a game 7 NHL playoff game that garnered better numbers than the hockey game the week prior.

Last night was the return of Scott Steiner but it wasn’t advertised. However if people followed the spoilers, they knew he’d be back this episode. There was also a triple threat between EC3, James Storm, and Magnus for the right to main event Slammiversary.

At this point, it’s tough to pinpoint what is the impetus behind Impact’s ratings shifts. (And to be honest, their shifts don’t stray far any more.) They have had better nights against stiffer NBA competition than the’ve had on nights with little to no competition. They’ve had nights with nothing advertised do better than nights with big main events.

So I’m just going to say this week is due to Steiner.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 305K / 0.08
  • May 18: 272K / 0.06
  • May 11: 309K / 0.07
  • May 4: 260K / 0.07
  • April 27: 255K / 0.06

You can read a recap of last night’s episode here.

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