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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (May 25, 2017): Triple Threat Match


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 25) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, there is a triple threat match between James Storm, EC3, and Magnus to decide who main events Slammiversary. Plus Davey Richards and Angelina Love will face Eddie and Alisha Edwards, Rockstar Spud returns to confront Swoggle, and Mahabali Shera & Braxton Sutter will face KM & Kongo Kong.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!



The show opes with Bruce Pritchard alongside Tyrus. Bruce says that Tyrus is his personal protection after the action from EC3. He says EC3’s actions are under review and will be dealt with. He then shifts gears and invites Bobby Lashley to the ring.

Lashley asks who he gets to beat up at Slammiversary. Before Pritchard can answer, they’re interrupted by EC3. Carter makes fun of Pritchard for a moment before telling Lashley that he’s winning tonight and then he’s going to beat him at Slammiversary.

Out comes Magnus to some super generic music. He tells Bobby that his credentials speak for themselves. He also tells EC3 to shut his mouth for a two minutes. He goes out to say he returned to Impact to fight against the reign of terror of the Impact regime.

Finally, and predictably, out comes James Storm. He says that if anyone has claim to the title, it’s him. The Cowboy claims he’s looking to fight right now, but Pritchard stops him. Bruce let’s it known that the winner will face Lashley at the PPV and it will be a DQ match. He also says if anyone touches another before the match starts, there won’t be a match and they will be suspended indefinitely.


Backstage, EC3 cuts a promo saying he’s going to win tonight. He says that his crushing the beer bottle over the Cowboy was the signal for the real EC3 to stand up.

KM and Kongo Kong (with Sienna and Laurel Van Ness) vs. Mahabali Shera and Braxton Sutter (with Allie)

Starts with Sutter and Kong. Sutter is able to nail some strikes to Kong and tag in Shera. Shera goes for a powerslam, but Kongo is too big. Instead Kongo delivers a slam of his own.

KM tags himself in and Kongo seems confused. Shera is able to nail a slam on KM. LVN jumps on the apron to distract Shera and KM nails Mahabali from behind. This allows KM to take advantage.

Kongo tags in and unloads on Kong. KM then tags in to keep working on Shera, who is in trouble currently.

This beating continues as this goes to break. Yes, this is a two segment match.

Impact returns with Shera still in peril.

He is finally able to tag in Sutter, who trades blows with KM. He then hits a jumping neck breaker from the second rope. Shera is tagged back in. They both knock down KM but Kongo runs in and clotheslines him both. He a Braxton get into a fight outside.

Meanwhile, LVN tries to kiss Shera from the apron but Allie pulls her down. She’s chased by the other two women, who follow her in the ring. She crossbodies both of them.

However, Kongo Kong hits Shera with a headbutt and KM rolls him up for the 1-2-3.

Kongo Kong and KM win

The 4 men keep fighting after the match. This fight spills to the back. In the ring, LVN and Sienna double up on Allie.

But here’s Rosemary! Rosemary is here! And she has some sick face paint. She stares down all three women and LVN and Sienna try to get her to attack Allie. But she mists Sienna! Red Wedding to Laurel!

Rosemary then stares down Allie in the ring before leave.


Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara vs. the Veterans of War in a GFW tag champion tournament match

Wilcox starts working against Bokara. He tags in Mayweather who continues the offense with a suplex and a cover for a 2 count.

The VOW remain control. Bokara tries to make the tag but Wilcox won’t let him get to his corner.

Mayweather is tagged back up and Mario uses a throat shot and tags in Bahh. Mayweather is able to fight him off with some forearms, but Bokara holds Mayweather’s legs from the outside and Bahh is able to use this to his advantage.

Bokara tags back in and Bahh slams him on top of Mayweather, which earns him a 2 count. Bahh’s team is using quick tags to stay fresh and keep it at Mayweather.

Bahh misses a spear in the corner and Mayweather is able to tag in Wilcox. Bahh tags out but Wilcox unleashes his punishment on him instead. Bahh tries to get involved but he’s tossed outside where Mayweather hits him with a big boot.

Mayweather tags back in and VOW hit their double team finish (Dixon got Bokara in a firemans and tosses him to Mayweather who hits a cutter.)

VOW advance in the tournament


Magnus is interviewed backstage. He says he’s going to forget the oppression from Bruce Pritchard and focus on the match.

Announcers feud

Josh Mathews comes to the ring. He asks JB to join him. Mathews has an apologetic tone, says he’s made a lot of mistakes. He says he’s apologized to Mike Tenay for stealing his job and really likes Jim Ross.

He then says he’s a vice president of the company now and he needs to conduct himself as much. He gets choked up and apologizes to JB. Josh extends his hand but before JB can take it, Joseph Park interrupts.

Park recommends not shaking Mathews’ hand. He reminds Josh that JB’s team already beat his once. He also reminds him about the time JB punched Josh.

Mathews says he’s not story. He wants them both out of his life. Josh says he should be calling the best events. When JB asks who his partner is, Josh says he doesn’t do things on their times.

Josh runs down Joseph Park until Park insists on fighting him now. Mathews seems down with this.

Josh Mathews vs. Joseph Park

And here comes Scott Steiner.

JB looks shocked and Joseph Park hightails it through the crowd. Steiner follows into the crowd and knocks out a fan.

Park makes his way back to ringside where Josh Mathews lowblows him. Steiner gets Park into the ring and locks in the Steiner Recliner.

I guess the match ends in DQ?


They play a video of Moose talking about the Grand Championship.

Eli Drake is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. She asks him about his attack on Moose last week. He said she should be asking about his mistreatment. Moose tries to attack him, but security holds him back. Drake says if Moose wants a piece, put the championship up. Moose agrees. Drake attacks Moose and this becomes a brawl. Adonis knocks Moose from behind and it becomes a two on one beat down.

Davey Richards & Angelina Love vs. Eddie and Alisha Edwards

Before the Edwards even make it into the ring, both teams brawl on the outside. The bell hasn’t rung yet.

The men finally make it into the ring and match officially starts. Davey kicks Eddie in the chest, knocking him down. However when he charges at Eddie, Edwards sidesteps and Davey falls to the floor. Eddie hits him with a suicide dives and follows up with some chops.

Angelina jumps Eddie from behind and rakes his eyes. However Alisha climbs to the top and crossbodies both Davey and Angelina! Impact goes to the break.

When it returns Eddie is in control of Davey. But Richards gets control, starting to focus on Eddie’s bad knee. Davey locks in a figure four. He has Angelina grab his arms for leverage when the ref doesn’t pay attention.

Eddie tries to reverse the pressure by Davey resists. On a second attempt, he’s able to flip the figure four and Davey grabs the ropes.

Richards is still in control with another big kick to the chest. But after jawing with the crowd, he turns around into an Edwards clothesline. However before Eddie can tag out, Angelina pulls Alisha down onto the apron. This allows Davey to continue working the leg of Eddie.

Davey misses a stomp from the top rope and Eddie tosses his former partner into the turnbuckle and is finally able to tag out.

Angelina comes in but Alisha is all over her. She climbs to the top rope while Love is downed... but misses the splash! Angelina goes for a big boot but Alisha sidesteps and rolls her up. 1-2-3!

The Edwards def Angelina Love and Davey Richards

Post match, the heels attack the victors. Davey handcuffs Eddie to the ropes. He starts choking Eddie, screaming “Why won’t you die??”

The Richards grab a table. Davey sets it up while Angelina powerbombs Alisha through it. Davey makes Eddie watch the whole thing.


They play a video of Rockstar Spud, who says that he knows he was supposed to be here this week, but a doctor said he should wait a week. So Swoggle has one more week. Then his mother yells for him and he yells back “Kayfabe mom!”

EC3 vs. Magnus vs. James Storm for the right to face Lashley at Slammiversary

Storm looks to be in control early. EC3 ends up rolling out of the ring after a slingblade from the Cowboy, James Storm goes to work on Magnus. Magnus back bodies Storm over the top rope onto EC3. When Magnus follows him outside, he gets a punch to the gut from Storm.

Storm grabs a bottle from the crowd and knocks it into the head of both of his competitors. He also kicks EC3 in the balls.

Magnus hits Storm from behind as James is working over EC3. Both Carter and Magnus deliver a suplex to the Cowboy on the ramp as Impact goes to break.

When they return, EC3 and Magnus look to have an alliance against Storm. Magnus introduces some chairs into the ring and uses one on Storm. Carter sets one chair up in the corner as Magnus grabs a trash can from beneath the ring.

Ethan and Magnus take turns using a kendo stick on Storm’s back.

Finally, Storm fires up and goes for a double clothesline. However, Magnus dodges and he delivers a lariat to Storm. But when Carter goes to hit Storm with the kendo, Storm moves and he hits Magnus.

Carter insists that it was by mistake. In fact he gave the kendo stick to Magnus. Carter stands up Storm, but Magnus lays into EC3 instead, breaking the stick.

Magnus and Carter trade blows but then both go for a clothesline, putting both men down.

All three make their way to their feet, but Magnus decides to take some more time outside while Storm works over Carter. Magnus tries to intervene but he tosses him at EC3 and delivers a neckbreaker to Carter, who delivered a DDT to Magnus. The Cowboy tries to cover each guy but only get 2 counts.

Storm grabs a chair and uses it on the back of Magnus. And then EC3. He sets up the garbage can over the crotch of Magnus and slams a chair into it, sending Magnus outside.

EC3 is able to deliver a TK3 to Storm but only nets a 2 count. Careter misses a splash to Magnus. The former GFW champ sets Carter up int he corner and delivers a running knee. But then he takes a enziguri to Storm. Cowboy follows up with a hangmans DDT to the apron to Ethan.

While Carter is on the floor, Magnus locks in the Cloverleaf to Magnus. But Carter hits Magnus in the back with a chair.

Soon, there’s a tower of doom spot in the corner leaving Storm and Carter down. Magnus goes to the top but Carter knocks him down. EC3 goes for a Superplex but he gets knocked down and Storm sends him into the chair in the corner. He goes for a cover but Magnus hits a flying elbow. Only a 2 count!

Magnus hits Storm with a big punch but Storm hits the last call! Carter knees the Cowboy out of the ring and covers Magnus! 1-2-3! Carter!

EC3 becomes #1 contender to Lashley’s title


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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