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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (May 18, 2017): Ultimate X!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 18) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Low-Ki will defend his X Division title in an Ultimate X match against Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett. Also, EC3 will face James Storm, Sienna will defend the GFW women’s title against ODB, LAX will fight Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. in a GFW tag title tournament match, and Laurel Van Ness and Kongo Kong will go against Allie and Braxton Sutter.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!



LAX vs. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. in a GFW tag title tournament match

The match starts with some chippiness and some shoving. It’s Laredo Kid and Garza who clear the ring... and then stereo moonsaults from the top rope to the floor on Santana and Ortiz!

Back in the ring Lardeo and Garza double team Santana until Ortiz runs into even the score, drag Santana into his corner, and tag himself in.

The match soon breaks down where everyone is getting their stuff in until it settles to Santana and Garza in the ring with the LAX man on offense. Ortiz tags in and hits a leg drop from the second rope and it forces Kid to break it up.

The fight spills outside, even with Homicide getting involved. They get Garza back into the ring, who is now the face in peril.

With both members of LAX in the ring, Garza is able to free himself up and... rips off his pants! He then rolls into the corner and finally tags in Kid.

Once again, things seem to break down, leaving all four men down in the ring as Impact goes to break.

Impact returns with Ortiz working over Laredo Kid. Kid gets tossed outside and Homicide and Santana get their licks in. Sanata tags in but receives a huge tornado DDT. Kid is tagged in.

Santana decides he’s going to fight both of them on is own. He does OK early on until Garza hits him with a superkick. Garza continues to do well until a rana from Diamante from the top rope takes him from the apron to the floor!

This leaves Laredo Kid to take the powerbomb/blockbuster double team. LAX gets the 1-2-3.

LAX def. Garza and Laredo to advance in the tournament

They cut to the announcers and all of the fans are booing him. But JB is not with them.


Bruce Pritchard is backstage on the phone when Magnus rolls in. He blames him for costing him his golden ticket. Bruce tells him he’s out of contention right now. Magnus says that he’s going to show him what he can do.

They play a video recapping the Laurel Van Ness story.

Kongo Kong vs. Braxton Sutter

Braxton comes out quickly, trying to take it to the bigger man quickly. He is actually successful at first... until a splash against the ropes from Kongo changes everything.

That’s all it takes for Kong to dominate Braxton. Sutter is able to avoid a corner cannon ball and fires back up against the bigger man. He delivers a series of punches and chops. He avoids another splash and delivers a big boot. But nothing takes Kongo off his feet.

Kongo then runs after Sutter, who is delivering a series of clotheslines that isn’t able to take him down, and delivers a huge corner splash. He delivers a psuedo-side slam for the 1-2-3.

Kong def. Sutter

KM runs in and he and Kong take the boots to Sutter. As does Sienna. Meanwhile LVN holds Allie making her watch. Eventually, Mahabali Shera runs out to make the save. It looks like he is verbally challenging Kongo.

Braxton grabs a microphone and challenges KM and Kongo for a match with him and Shera for next week.


McKenzie Mitchell interviews Karen Jarrett asking about the Wolves situation. She orders a mixed tag for next week between Alisha/Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards/Angelina Love. Magnus then bumps her as he walks past.

EC3 vs. James Storm

Magnus is sitting on commentary.

Storm has a leather belt with him and comes out swinging against EC3. Carter slides out of the ring, the ref takes the belt, and EC3 runs back on. That doesn’t prevent a Storm Thesz press and some punches.

Storm gets Carter down and stomps on his hand. Then tosses him into the corner and delivers a series of lariats.

The ref eventually backed Storm out of the corner and Carter took that opportunity to rake the eyes and then rake the back of the Cowboy. Now Carter starts unloading on his adversary.

Storm finally fires back with a corner clothesline and a back body drop. Carter cuts his comeback short with a kick to the knee.

Storm endures for awhile until, from the floor, he drips up Carter and kicks him in the face. He has a fan hold Carter and grabs the leather belt.

But Magnus gets up and knocks the belt out of his hand. Bruce Pritchard brings some referees out and makes him leave ringside as Impact goes to break.

When Impact returns, EC3 looks to be in control in the middle of the ring. But finally a back rake from Carter only serves to anger the Cowboy. He unleashes flurry of offense. But when he goes to the top rope, EC3 knocks him down.

Carter hits the TK3. Now he goes and gets the leather belt. He delivers another TK3 as Storm gets up. He goes to whip Storm with the belt, but the referee grabs his arm... and Carter knocks him out! And now Carter is whipping the referee!

The bell rings (I don’t know who called for it) and Carter loses by DQ.

Storm def. EC3 via DQ

When EC3 turns around, Storm hits him with a backstabbber. But as he goes for the Last Call Superkick, Magnus runs out, pulls him out of the ring, and delivers some punches to the Cowboy.

He gets in the ring and he and EC3 jaw. Bruce Pritchard comes back out. He says that he’s still looking for a main event for Slammiversary. Next week Magnus, EC3, and Storm will have a match for that spot.

Pritchard tells EC3 that maybe he needs to go back and find a mirror to find his balls. No clue what that means.


They play another Rockstar Spud video, who is wondering if he’ll ever make it back. This week, the music is more up beat. He says next week, he’s defying doctors orders and he’s coming back for Swoggle!

ODB vs. Sienna (c) for the GFW title

On the outside, ODB is tossed into the turnbuckle. Back in the ring, Sienna misses a splash in the corner, and ODB fights back and lands a discus clothesline.

However, ODB misses a splash, Sienna hits the Silencer, 1-2-3.

Sienna def. ODB to retain her title


Announcer feud

Jeremy Borash makes his way to the ring with a clipboard in hand. Josh Is furious.

JB says that he hired an attorney and he’s been reinstated effective immediately. He then introduces his attorney - Joseph Park. Park says JB is back on the booth. Josh insists that he’s the lead announcer. Mathews also tells Park he’s Abyss.

Now Joe Park says he wants to fight Josh. He says that JB wants to fight Josh as well. So let’s do it at Slammiversary. Park and JB vs. Josh and a partner of his choosing.


Low-Ki vs. Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee in an Ultimate X match for the X Division title

Low Ki is able to take it to both men early and he is the first to climb up to try to get to the wires. But he’s knocked to the floor.

This leaves Everett and Lee. Everett misses a splash and rolls outside. Everett looks to run after him but Low-Ki runs in and Everett delivers a frankensteiner.

Soon all three men are in the match. As Low-Ki and Andrew Everett fight on the apron, Lee knocks them both to the floor as Impact goes to break.

When they return, Lee is in control. Low-Ki tries to get back in but Trevor knocks him back down to the floor, just leaving Everett in the ring with him. He works over Everett. When Low-Ki tries to get back in, Lee neutralizes him again.

Lee tries to climb the wire but Low-Ki is able to stop him at first. But he gets kicked off and Lee is off. Everett is able to knock Lee down.

Despite this, Lee is able to maintain control, knocking Low-Ki out of the ring again.

As Ki and Lee are fighting outside, Everett hits his always impressive springboard Shooting Star Press on Lee. This allows Low-kI to start scaling the ropes. Everett knocks him off with a springboard dropkick.

Meanwhile, Shane Helms gives Trevor Lee a steel chair outside the ring.

Lee drags the champ out of the ring and tosses him into the guardrail. In the ring, Everett is climbing the X but Lee just tosses the chair at Everett. The chair bounces off Everett and hits Lee in the head.

Trevor sets up the chair in the corner and tosses Everett into it. He grabs it again but Low-Ki slides and punches the chair into Lee’s face!

Now the champ is climbing up but Lee stops him and hits him with a double stomp. But then Everett hits Lee with a reverse Steiner! But then he’s powerbombed by Lee, who is still up! All three men are down!

Lee tries to German Low-Ki but Ki lands on his feet and hits a double stomp. Now he’s climbing up but seems to be having trouble with the hand that punched the chair.

Both the champ and Everett are battling in one corner. Everett hits Low Ki against the structure. Low-Ki tries to save himself but gets hung up by his legs. Shane Helms gets up to stop Everett... and hits a neck breaker from the top rope onto Everett!

Helms gets his man Lee to start climbing and allows him to stand on his back as he does. Low-Ki enziguri to Helms and Lee! Missile drop kick to Helms!

Low-Ki is back climbing the Ultimate X, still favoring that hand. Meanwhile, Lee is climbing as Low Ki climbs the top of the structure. And now Everett is climbing as well. Low-Ki stomps Lee down. Stomps Everett down. And grabs the tile.

Low-Ki retains the X Division championship


That’s the show, folks! Thanks for watching with us!

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