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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Dec. 7, 2017): Choke Artist

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Impact Wrestling returned last night (Dec. 7) from the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario. You can find the results in the live blog here.


It turns out this Grand Championship match between EC3 and Matt Sydal wasn’t the end of a short story but a chapter in a longer one.

It’s a story that’s been good enough that it should get some more time to flesh out. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this week’s installment though.

EC3 ended up retaining his title when the last round ended in a judge’s draw. Fallah Bahh was a guest judge and scored the match 10-10. The other two judges split between Carter and Sydal. In a draw, Carter retained his title.

This will feed into the idea that Sydal can’t get it done. He wasn’t worse than Carter, but he wasn’t better. That is Carter’s entire point. When it counts, Matt can’t get it done. Carter made sure to mock him for such afterwards.

There were some bits I didn’t love, though. Adding Fallah Bahh to this story doesn’t work for me. And I don’t see a reason for installing him as a judge unless he’s going to be part of this. The story they’ve set is that Matt Sydal has to try to find his killer instinct to vanquish EC3. Randomly throwing a third man into the mix can easily derail that. Now, it’s entirely possible he won’t really be a big part, but if that’s the case, why make him a judge? That’s just random, though I suppose it explains the weird ruling that would end in a draw given he’s not an experienced judge.

The format of the Grand Championship match, something I usually like, also didn’t work here. Three minutes rounds weren’t enough to build things up. Since this isn’t the end of the story, that’s not that bad since they’ll have another match. But it was difficult getting into things given none of the rounds really got going.

I still look forward to seeing where this goes and it’s still an strong story. However the addition of a third man threatens to alter what has made this feud great.

Demon Bunny

Rosemary won the second of two triple threats in the Knockouts tournament, defeating Allie and Sienna. She’ll go on to face Laurel Van Ness for the vacant championship next week.

This was a fun match, one that played up the odd friendship that Rosemary and Allie have. Early on, the two of them worked over Sienna together. However, they soon went face to face when one of them went for a pinfall. That’s when Sienna was able to take advantage, taking out both of them as they argued.

Eventually, the friends would get back on Sienna but it was inevitable that they’d go face to face. This is for the title after all. And when they did, it was very entertaining. They laid in their strikes while screaming at each other. Seeing Allie get fired up given her character is sigh to behold and this moment hopefully teased something between the two in the future.

Sienna tried to take advantage of the situation again, but Rosemary and Allie ducked a double clothesline. Allie hit a Code Breaker and Rosemary suplexed her out of the ring. Allie attempted a Code Breaker onto Rosemary but the Demon Assassin caught her and invited her to the Red Wedding instead!

They dynamic between Allie and Rosemary is fantastic. Whether it be working together or eventually having to fight each other, they have palpable chemistry. I look forward to seeing Rosemary go on to attempt to regain the Knockouts title, but I look forward to a lengthy feud between her and Allie one day even more.

Main event

This week’s main event was Petey Williams teaming with Johnny Impact to take on Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. It was born from the chaos that closed the show last week.

Impact and Williams came out victorious, with Johnny hitting Starship Pain on Adonis for the win. After the match, Drake stood in the ring with the title and jawed with the victors who were on the ramp. Then out through the crowd came Alberto El Patron, who attacked the champ from behind. He DDTed Drake on his own title. Petey and Johnny watched on from the entryway.

While this didn’t move the story much, it’s still fun to have three separate people/teams who hate each other. Alberto and Drake may both be heels, but they hate each other all the same and with good reason.

It’s a cool dynamic and I look forward to seeing where it ends up.

The Cult of Lee

The sometimes forgotten division is doing some solid work currently. They spun a quite random 6-man tag match from a few weeks back into a good feud between Taiji Ishimori and Trevor Lee/Caleb Konley.

These three were on the losing end during that tag match. Ishimori had things in control but Konley tagged himself in and went ahead and lost the match. The Cult of Lee unreasonably blamed Ishimori for this and attacked him last week.

This week, Ishimori was able to get a small measure of revenge when he defeated Konley. It was a fun match where both guys were able to show off their innovative offense. Afterwards, Lee immediately attacked Ishimori, but Dezmond Xavier was able to make the save!

There’s a good feud simmering here, with Ishimori moving into that number one contenders picture. Dezmond, his ally in this, is also due a championship opportunity given he won the Super X Cup last summer (he actually defeated Ishimori in the finals).

I’m glad to see the X Division get more than just exhibition matches. They’ve got a good feud with good talent going here.

Bad dudes

oVe are straight up heels now.

That’s a good thing. This crew plays villains so well. Sami Callihan, with the Crists at his side, cut a promo running down Canada and Mexico (Mexico because that’s LAX’s base of operations). He had the crowd hating him by the time he went and put over how they’re hardcore because they’re from Ohio. (As someone not from Ohio, I’d boo that too. I’m sure Buckeyes have a different opinion.)

A local tag team known as TDT, who rocked cutoff flannel AND suspenders, which I hear may be the trend for 2018, had heard enough. They came to the ring and eventually started brawling with the tag champions to the crowd’s delight. (Ottawa loved these guys.)

TDT actually looked really strong against the tag champs, but a kendo stick wielding Sami Callihan was able to even the score. oVe set up a brutal chair structure, with two open chairs facing each other and one upside down on top of them, legs up. They prepared to drop one of these guys on the sadistic structure, but lucky for the Canadian, LAX ran through the crowd to attack their foes.

oVe makes a good heel squad. It fits them like a glove. However, LAX aren’t really babyfaces. Impact really just needs more teams. I don’t know if TDT are going to be around a bit more. I’d assume they at least get a match against oVe. But Impact needs to start building this division because we can’t see oVe vs. LAX forever.

Victorious Dan Lambert

The tag match between James Storm & Moose and Lashley & Dan Lambert went as you may have guessed.

Lashley did all the work and Lambert only tagged in when advantageous. Also not surprising, he got the pin after Lashley did all the work, pinning Storm for the win.

I actually don’t mind Storm getting pinned by Lambert here. It’s clear that Lambert was a huge coward and Lashley was the one who did all the work. The fact this loser who isn’t a pro wrestler got the win on a legit wrestler adds some heat to the feud. It’s still a feud I think is too long and this week didn’t do anything to get closer to the finish line.

Pros of the Show:

  • Fun KOs match that played up the relationship between Allie & Rosemary
  • oVe make great bad guys
  • The EC3/Matt Sydal story continues

Cons of the Show:

  • The American Top Team story continues to stagnate
  • Adding Fallah Bahh to the Grand Championship picture was random

Most of the main stories didn’t move much this week, but nothing was bad. The knockouts title match was fun.

Grade: B-

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