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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Dec. 7, 2017): EC3 vs. Matt Sydal


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Dec. 7) from Ottawa, Ontario and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, EC3 will defend his Grand Championship against Matt Sydal. Also, Sienna, Rosemary, and Allie will compete in the second triple threat of the Knockout’s title tournament, Ishimori will battle Caleb Konley, oVe with air their grievances, and Moose will team with James Storm to take on Lashley and Dan Lambert.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!

Before they even roll the opener, we see Alberto backstage cutting a promo on “Paper champion” Eli Drake, blaming him for the loss last week. And now he’s going to find Drake and destroy him.

Caleb Konley (w/Trevor Lee) vs. Ishimori

Early on, Ishimori able to navigate Trevor Lee on the outside, but eventually some hair pulling from Konley allows him to control things. Trevor Lee barks orders from the outside.

Lee is able to get some punches in on Taiji outside the ring as Konley distracts the referee.

When Ishimori is firing back up, Lee jumps on the apron and is punched down to the floor. The two combatants fight for awhile with some innovative until Ishimori reverses a firemans into a reverse DDT and hits a 450 for the win.

Ishimori def. Konley

Post match, Lee attacks but Dezmond Xavier makes the save!


Sienna vs. Rosemary vs. Allie

This is the second triple threat of the KOs tournament. The winner will face Laurel Van Ness for the vacant title.

To start the match, both Rosemary and Allie target Sienna outside the ring. However when they get in each other’s face after a pin on Sienna is broken up, Sienna splashes both of them and goes to work on Rosemary.

After a bit of action involving all three, Sienna and Allie go one on one for awhile. Sienna eventually hits a big superplex that Rosemary needs to break up. The Demon Assassin locks in a leg submission as Allie locks in an arm one! Eventually Rosemary and Allie both break the hold knowing they have to dispense the other.

The friends exchange angry blows in the middle of the ring! Sienna tries a double clothesline but the friends dig it and lay in some tandem offense to get Sienna out of there. Allie goes for a Code Breaker but Rosemary catches her... Red Wedding! 1-2-3!

Rosemary def. Allie & Sienna


oVe airs their grievances

The three are in the ring. Sami Callihan runs down Canada and Mexico, where LAX spend much of their time, as two countries full of crap. And their issues are past pro wrestling. This is gang warfare. LAX will get their rematch, but it’ll be under oVe’s conditions.

The crowd is getting onto him, which he responds to, meaning it’s not all piped in.

This is a straight up heel promo.

A new team makes their way to the ring - guys named TDT. They’re wearing flannel cut off tops and suspenders. They’re a local tag it looks like. A promo is cut, but it’s in French.

This soon turns into a brawl and TDT are owning stuff! Sami is kicked out of the ring and both Crists are driven into the corner! One of the dudes looks to set up Jake for a possible powerbomb but Callihan runs in with a kendo stick and delivers a piledriver instead.

They slide some chairs in the ring and set up two face to face and one upside down on top of them legs up... and it looks like they’re going to drop one of them onto that! But LAX runs out to save that dudes life!

oVe is able to bail before really getting it from Konnan’s crew.


Allie is backstage upset and Gail Kim comes to her. She tells Allie she’s come a long way in a short period of time and this is her time. It’s a pep talk that gets Allie excited.

KM is at a gym attacking people to prove himself to ATT.

LAX is back in their clubhouse after that in ring action, meaning they have a clubhouse in Ontario.

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake cut a promo about the match later tonight. Eli calls himself the American Destroyer.

Matt Sydal vs. EC3 (c) for the Grand Championship

For some reason, Fallah Bahh is a “guest judge.”

Round 1: Early on, not much going on. EC3 doesn’t seem to be taking Sydal too seriously. But neither guy has any control early on. However, half way, it seems like this round it EC3’s ballgame, including a knee to the back that knocks Matt out of the ring. Carter ends the round with a delayed suplex. Cleary Carter’s round.

EC3 wins round 1

Round 2: Sydal comes out quicker on this one, with some quick chops and a splash in the corner. However he’s reversed into the ring post front first and Carter is soon back in control again. Sydal fights back with some kicks and a rana. Carter is tossed to the apron and then Matt kicks his leg, knocking EC3 straight to the floor. He follows with a dive. He his a big kick to the head of Carter but time expires before he’s able to cover. Feels like Sydal’s round.

After the round, Matt is talking some trash and EC3 cheapshots him.

Matt Sydal wins round 2

Round 3: Carter comes out very aggressive. Matt fights back, but EC3 rolls him up and grabs the tights and ends up turning that into a big powerbomb. Carter misses a splash in the corner and Sydal delivers double knees from the top rope. EC3 blocks a kick and delivers a Flatliner for a nearfall. Sydal hits a knee to the face and goes to the top, but Ethan is up fast and meets him. Matt fights off a superplex and knocks him to the ground... Shoot Star Press — miss! Both men collide as time expires.

This match ends in a draw with two judges splitting and Fallah Bahh going 10-10


A new Park, Park, & Park ad is played. It’s as glorious as last week.

Moose & James Storm vs. Lashley & Dan Lambert

When Moose is fighting Lashley early, Lambert kicks Moose when he hits the ropes. That doesn’t affect Moose, but the big guy turns around to stare at him, allowing Lashley to hit a big clothesline. Lambert tags in to try a pin, but when Moose kicks out, immediately tags back out to Lashley.

Lambert tries that again. Again Moose kicks out fast and Storm steps into the ring to try to corner Lambert. Dan runs to his corner from the outside. As Moose gives chase, Lashley hits him with an elbow.

Lashley and Moose go at it in the ring, back in forth with power moves. When both are down Moose tags out... Lashley does not. Storm controls the Destroyer as Lambert watches. Josh Hartnett, who has a neck brace and headwrap from last week, runs in and gets a big kick to the face from Moose.

However, the Destroyer again uses the time to recover. Lambert tags himself in as Lashley hits a spear and Lambert gets the 1-2-3 on Storm.

Dan Lambert and Lashley win


Johnny Impact and Petey Williams are interviewed backstage. They cut a Canadian themed promo. Johnny tells Patron to steer clear tonight.

Chris Adonis & Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact & Petey Williams

In the first segment, the babyfaces have control. Petey still looks good in that ring.

When they return, now Petey is in trouble. And he’s on the defensive for a long time.

Petey finally able to tag out to Impact who comes out on fire against Adonis. Drake runs in and is immediately tossed out.He misses his rolling elbow but hits Moonlight Drive to Adonis, which Drake needs to break up. He nails Johnny with a DDT.

In comes Petey who takes it to the champ. And the crowd his hot for him. He sets up for the Canadian Destroyer but is locked in the Adonis Lock instead. An enziguri from Johnny breaks that up.

Johnny delivers Starship Pain to Adonis for the 1-2-3.

Johnny and Petey win

Alberto comes through the crowd and attacks Drake from behind in the ring! Tosses him shoulder first into the ring post! Then he holds up the title... but then drops it and DDTs Eli right on the gold!


That’s the show, folks! Thanks for watching with us!

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