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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Dec. 14, 2017): Rosemary vs. Laurel Van Ness


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Dec. 14) from Ottawa, Ontario and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Rosemary will face Laurel Van Ness for the vacant Knockouts title. Plus, Sienna, Allie, Madison Rayne, and KC Spinelli will compete to crown the next #1 contender and Alberto El Patron will team with Johnny Impact and Petey Williams to take on Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and a mystery partner. Also, Konnan will have a summit with Sami Callihan, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley will take on Ishimori and Dezmond Xavier, and Moose & James Storm will call out American Top Team. It’s a busy show.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!

Sienna vs. Allie vs. Madison Rayne vs. KC Spinelli

Winner is #1 contender for the KOs title

Allie is attacked by all three women to start. Poor Allie.

Then KC and Madison turn their attentions to Sienna. That leaves Spinelli and Rayne to go at it for a bit. Soon Allie and Sienna reinsert themselves into the match and no one has clear control when Impact goes to break.

When they return, Sienna is using Madison as a battering ram on the other two women. Then with a series of splashes, Sienna is in total control... until a superkick from Allie and KC put her down.

Soon Allie finds herself the lone women standing and delivers sliding elbows to Madison and Sienna. She then tosses KC into Madison.

In the end, after a series of nearfalls, Sienna sets up KC for the AK 47. However Allie sneaks in and rolls up Sienna for the 1-2-3.

Allie wins becoming #1 contender


Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley vs. Taiji Ishimori and Dezmond Xavier

Lee takes some punishment early on. However when Xavier is going for a springboard, Konley pulls him down, his face hitting the apron. Trevor quickly takes advantage with a running apron kick to Xavier as Impact goes to break.

When they return, Dezmond Xavier is still on the defensive against the Cult of Lee.

Ishimori finally gets the hot tag. He cleans out for ab it but the Cult regroups and it becomes a 4 man brawl in the middle of the ring. Konley and Lee set up Xavier in the Tree of Woe to set up the spike piledriver. But Dezmond is able to knock Caleb off the rope and Taiji takes the moment to roll up the champion for the 1-2-3.

Ishimori and Xavier win


Alberto El Patron finds Petey Williams and Johnny Impact backstage. Patron said that he was forced to be in this match by management. Patron says they’re tagging tonight, but be careful because “accidents happen all the time in that ring.”

They play clips from the match where Gail Kim won her first KOs title. This is a fun match to rewatch but I can’t get over the fact the referee is wearing shorts.

Adonis and Drake talking to their partner... and it’s Jimmy Jacobs!

Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact, & Petey Williams vs. Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, & Kongo Kong

Everyone but Jacobs comes out. They go to break with the tease of the mystery partner, but they showed us in a backstage prior. (Looks like Jimmy isn’t the partner so that’s why.)

Jimmy comes out with a microphone and explains why he’s in Impact. He says he’s a good guy and he’s here to help. He was to help Eli and Adonis... but he didn’t get them a partner. He got them a monster. Kongo Kong. (Kind of wish it was just Jacobs.)

Alberto starts out but sooner Johnny tags in and those two shove each other. Chris Adonis tries to take advantage of that but they both knock him down.

Eli and Petey work for a bit but soon Kongo Kong tags in and immediately takes control. This leaves Petey at the mercy of Drake’s team.

Adonis almost accidentally hits Kong but stops. The big man stares him down. However, Petey uses this to tag in Johnny, who goes to work on Drake. Adonis inserts himself and they go 2 on 1 on Impact. Patron enters and takes out the leg of Drake... but soon delivers a backstabber to his partner!

Eli Drake nails Blunt Force Trauma on Patron. Petey tries to take it to both Drake and Adonis but gets pancaked. Kongo goes to the top to try to slam Petey but Williams moves!

Spinning dive from Impact to Drake. But as Petey tries something, Kongo catches him and powerbombs him into the crowd!!! Jacobs barks orders at Kong, who takes the Canadian Destroyer to the back!

Alberto tosses Drake into the ring for Johnny, but Impact nails a forearm to Alberto! Johnny hits Starship Pain but Patron pulls him out of the ring and DDTs him on the ramp! Patron gets back in the ring, delivering a splash to the champ and gets the 1-2-3.

Impact, Williams, and Patron win. (However, Petey was kidnapped and Johnny is outside in pain.)

Patron grabs the title and holds it up.


They announce El Patron vs. Eli Drake in 3 weeks for the title.

Joseph Park is on the phone when his cousin Chandler comes in. Chandler has an idea to skyrocket the business - he’s going to be a professional wrestler. Joseph warns him bad things can happen in that ring. He beat that midcarder Bully Ray but he doesn’t recommend it. Chandler says the Parks are fighter.

They play a video hyping up a triple threat Grand Championship match with interviews with Matt Sydal and EC3. (Bahh is the third man.) That’s in 3 weeks as well.

Ishimori vs. Lee for the X Division title is also happening in 3 weeks. That show is loaded.

Also, on their twitter they announced the next two weeks will be best of 2017 episodes.


Moose and James Storm calls out American Top Team

Moose and James Storm come to the ring. Moose says ATT is pissing him off to which Storm replies he agrees because his internet isn’t working at all. Moose clarifies which ATT he means.

Lashley and Dan Lambert respond. The crowd chants “Bitch Boy Bobby” which Moose called him during the callout. He says he’ll fight Moose, but it’ll be on his terms on his time.

Storm tells Lambert he respects what they do. He doesn’t like him, but he runs one of the greatest MMA camps. But when he started disrespecting the business, that’s where is problem starts. He tells Lambert he wants him one on one.

Lambert said having to listen to Storm’s speech about pro wrestling the other week and it made him want to puke. He puts over the Cowboy as a face of Impact Wrestling. That makes Storm the head of the snake and if he cut off the head of the snake, they can’t sell snake oil to these mindless sheep. So if he is to fight Storm, Storm has to put his Impact career on the line. But when Storm wins, ATT has to get out of his company.

As Storm is delivering his “Sorry about your damn luck” line, Lambert spits in his face. Moose and Lashley fight out of the ring. Storm corners Lambert but KM runs in to try to help. But KM gets a Superkick.

This will also be the Jan.4 match - no holds barred.


Rosemary vs. Laurel Van Ness for the Knockouts title

They go to commercial soon after the intros. When they get back, Rosemary is taking it to LVN. However outside the ring, Laurel tosses the Demon into the ring post and then goes to work on her outside.

This leads to a sustained offense from Van Ness.

It’s back outside on the floor where Rosemary is able to finally get some offense with an exploder suplex. However that take it out of the former champ and both women make it back into the ring at 9.

Back in the ring, Rosemary takes it to Laurel. She sets up for the Red Wedding but Laurel fights out. LVN goes for the Unprettier but Rosemary fights out. Rosemary then misses a splash and gets caught up on the top turnbuckle where LVN unloads on her.

The ref gets into Laurel’s face about her continuing to attack Rosemary while the Demon is tied into the rope. She pushes the ref aside and Rosemary sprays the mist at her. Laurel ducks though and rakes the entire face of Rosemary with the mist in her hands! Unprettier from the top rope!

1-2-3! Laurel wins!

Laurel def. Rosemary to win the Knockouts championship


Konnan/Callihan summit

We see Sami Callihan going to the meeting spot for his summit with Konnan. He harasses a man on a bench before seeing Konnan is on a different man. Konnan tells Sami he thought he was smarter than to come at Konnan. The leader of LAX says he wants a tag team title match. Sami says he’s fine with that. But when they win, there’s no more LAX. They ride off into the sunset and oVe takes over everything. Konnan says if they reneg, they’re going to destroy everything of his and everything of everyone he knows.

Before he leaves, Sami tosses a fireball into Konnan’s face. Sami tells him it’s not business. It’s personal.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us! We’ll be back in the new year with the next episodes.

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