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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Nov. 30, 2017): Slamtown, Ontario, Canada

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Impact Wrestling sauntered back into our lives last night (Nov. 30) from the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario. You can find a run down of the results in the live blog here.

A Busy Title Scene

The main event scene is getting crowded, but in this case, it’s working.

Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron fought last night to possibly settle their issues (they probably didn’t). Patron is angry that Impact (the promotion, not the man) replaced him with a little golden boy like Johnny. Johnny of course is angry that Patron cost him the title at Bound for Glory.

Their disdain for each other came through during the match. It was never lock up and chain wrestling. It was two guys trying to beat the crap out of each other. And much of that time, it was Alberto doling out the punishment. He did so in a manner that always seemed angry and vicious, like a bad guy should.

At the end of the match, Patron set Johnny up in the tree of woe, likely to go for his stomp finisher. However, prior to going for the finish, he ripped the tape off the arm of Impact and shoved it in Johnny’s mouth. It was at this time that Eli Drake, who has no love for either man, decided to come down to the ring to get a closer look. Alberto left the ring and started jawing with the champion before nailing him with a lariat and hitting him with his own title.

However, during this time, Johnny was able to recover. He impressively sat up from the tree of woe, pulled Alberto from the apron into the ring, and delivered Starship Pain for the win.

Right after the match, Drake hit Patron with the title before rushing to attack Johnny. When Impact was able to fight back, Chris Adonis ran out to assist his friend Drake.

This brought out the final, and most surprising, player: Petey Williams. He aided Johnny and ended up hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Drake.

Petey isn’t completely random here though. They showed him shaking hands with Johnny backstage prior to the match, and he recently just had a title match with Drake, one where Adonis did get involved where he could.

There’s plenty of moving parts in the title scene currently and things can go in various directions. Sometimes that’s when wrestling is at its most fun - when there are multiple people with their own motivates that are in each other’s way and there are many options with where they can go.

Knockouts Triple Threat part 1

In the first of two triple threat matches to eventually crown a new Knockouts champion, Laurel Van Ness defeated Madison Rayne and KC Spinelli to advance to the finals.

It was a bit surprising to see these three in one match given these were the three that I didn’t think had a real chance to make it to the finals. (Basically my preview didn’t age well.) Not that Laurel doesn’t deserve to go to the finals. She’s been underrated since arriving to Impact. Her transition from bratty rich lady to completely unhinged after being left at the alter has been extremely entertaining.

While I think the winner of the second triple threat next week is the favorite to win the title, I wouldn’t be super shocked to see Laurel sneak one out. And I certainly wouldn’t be upset about it.

Collision Course

Matt Sydal had an enjoyable match with Tyson Dux this week while EC3 was on commentary successfully selling their feud.

EC3 is so great any time he gets a chance to speak. He put over Sydal for being impressive but came back to the original point that Matt doesn’t have that killer instinct that he needs to win. And he had history to point to.

This may be my favorite feud in Impact currently. It draws on Sydal’s entire run in the company. He’s won a lot of matches, but he’s never won the important ones. That’s the truth. Now it’s turned into a story with EC3, who know a great deal about getting it done when it counts. And it sets up multiple places this can go. EC3 can be proven right by winning the feud. Sydal can win the feud by doing things his way. Or he may need to bend the rules a bit, which is part of the Carter killer instinct, to get it done.

They’ll have a Grand Championship match next week so we’ll find out which path they take then.

Still Here?

James Storm defeated Texano in the Battle of the Cowboys. They didn’t outwardly call it that, but that’s what it was.

The Cowboy won when Texano decided to follow up a superkick with putting on a cowboy hat and posing instead of continuing offense or trying for a pin. Storm hit him with a Superkick of his own for the win. While it’s a bit funny seeing James make Texano pay for his stupidity, it’s probably better not to frame Texano as such an idiot.

After the match, American Top Team attacked Storm, following their issues from the other week. Moose eventually made the save. Dan Lambert then challenged them for a match for next week where Storm and Moose will take on Lashley and Lambert himself.

That’s an odd move for the head of ATT, but it’ll likely make for plenty of moments next week where Lambert plays the biggest chickenshit heel. Overall, the story of ATT is wearing out its welcome. While it’s had its moments here and there, it’s always been a sloppy story and has never been consistently good enough to go on this long. It should have ended at Bound for Glory but here we are with no end in sight.

Don’t Mess with the Cult of Lee

Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Taiji Ishimori defeated Hakim Zane last night. Zane was the winner of the Global Forge bit they ran the last few months.

It was a really good match - a prototypical X Division match with fast action and impressive spots. It wasn’t too long but long enough.

After the bout, Ishimori was attacked by both Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley. These three were part of a losing 6-man tag effort a couple weeks back, and apparently Lee and Konley blame Ishimori.

I’m glad they’re including Ishimori into a storyline and not just using him as part of attraction matches. It’s better to see these guys from partnered promotions in a feud, even if it’s a minor one. It is the character’s response to adversity that will let fans ultimately get behind him, at least more than impressive moves will.


Sami Callihan defeated one Randy Myers in a match that took place at Defy Wrestling in Seattle, Washington. It wasn’t the full match, but enough to give us the idea of it.

Apparently, Defy Wrestling will be coming to the Global Force Network.

While I’m not a fan of episodes that pretty much take place completely outside the Impact Zone (is it the Impact Zone when it’s not in Florida?), this is perfectly fine. It gets some lesser known promotions and lesser known talent a little televised exposure.

Park, Park, & Park

I usually don’t touch on things that were only backstage bits or pre-taped video, but this served as Ethan Page’s debut as Chandler Park, part of Joseph Park’s law firm. They already have a top notch website. I know very little about Page, but he looks like he’s going to be fun in this role.

Pros of the Show:

  • Main event scene has multiple things going on, with multiple directions they can go
  • EC3 and Matt Sydal have a great feud going
  • They’re using Ishimori as more than just an attraction talent

Cons of the Show:

  • This American Top Team bit is dragging on too long

Overall a pretty entertaining two hours of wrestling

Grade: B-

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