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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Nov. 9, 2017): Bound for Glory fallout


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Nov. 9) from Ottawa, Ontario and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This episode will feature the fallout from Bound for Glory. Johnny Impact will call out Alberto El Patron. Plus, Eddie Edwards defends his Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC heavyweight title against El Hijo de Fantasma and Gail Kim will address her retirement.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Show opens with Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews in the middle of the ring. They prep tonight’s show:

  • Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Sydal
  • Eli Drake is in the house
  • Eddie Edwards vs. El Hijo de Fantasma for the GHC heavyweight championship

They then show a video about BFG.


Eli Drake opening promo

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come to the ring. Plenty of fans chanting Eli Drake.

After an introduction from Adonis, Eli takes the stick. He says Sunday was like Babe Ruth calling his shot. He said last Sunday was perfect except for one thing... Alberto El Patron. Eli says that Alberto may think he’s been mistreated by this company, but he hasn’t been mistreated by Eli Drake. But Patron has to work to that first.

Drake says because of his BFG injuries, he has the night off. But that’s fine because there’s no one left to challenge for him. So he’s going to get the hell out of Canada.

Petey Williams heard enough and comes out. He takes exception to Drake saying there’s no one left for him to beat... but he’s never beaten Petey Williams. So why doesn’t he put that title on the line against him right now in Ottawa?

Drake responds by telling Petey to use his inside voice. Eli says they’ll have that match, but not tonight. Maybe next week.

Petey says management may have given him the night off, but he didn’t. As he makes his way to the ring, Adonis gets out and tries to stop him. But he’s met with a kick. Petey gets to the ring and soon hits Drake with a Russian Legsweep. He sets up for the Destroyer when Chris Adonis pulls the champ out.


Johnny Impact arrives, gunning his car into the parking lot and just leaving it in the middle of the parking lot and not actually putting it in a parking space. I know you’re angry Johnny, but at least park your car correctly.

Next week, we’re getting Eli Drake vs. Petey Williams for the Global championship

Jimmy Jacobs makes his way to the announce desk again. JB asks him why he’s here and Jacobs says he’ll gladly join them for the next match.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal really working of Sonjay’s left leg in this match.

Because of the injured leg, Sonjay is slow to get to the top rope to hit a splash. Sydal able to get out of the way and take advantage, setting up Dutt for the Shooting Star Press and the 1-2-3.

Syda. def. Dutt

EC3 comes out post match. He’s got the Grand Championship with that. (Remember that?) As fans chant for EC3, Carter tells them to stop chanting for him and start chanting for Sydal as he’s here to congratulate him. Ethan points out that Sydal wins and wins and wins and wins... until the lights are the brightest. Then he comes up a bit short.

He was undefeated, even beating Lashley, and then lost the Global championship match to Eli Drake. (As EC3 says, “You choked.”) At Bound for Glory.... “You choked.” EC3 tells Matt he has a ton of talent, but he’s missing one thing: a killer instinct. A killer instinct that Carter says that he has.

Carter says the difference between them is he’s a killer and Matt’s a nice guy. He says “maybe in another life, you could have been reborn a winner.”


We see an angry Johnny Impact looking for Patron backstage.

They play an old match as a selling point to the GWN app. It’s Hector Garza, Amazing Red, & Sonjay Dutt vs. Team Canada.

El Hijo de Fantasma vs. Eddie Edwards (c) for the GHC heavyweight championship

This is the first time the Pro Wrestling NOAH championship has been defended in North America.

As revenge from Sunday where he took a Thrill of the Kill on the apron, Eddie tries for a Tiger Driver on the apron. Fantasma is able to fight out.

Later on, Eddie tries for a Tiger Driver again which Fantasma reverses into a Frankenstein for a very close near fall. He soon hits the Tiger Driver but Fantasma kicks out.

Fantasma misses a jump from the top rope and Eddie hits his Boston Knee Party and then his finish, Die Hard Flowsion for the 1-2-3.

Eddie Edwards retains his title


oVe & Sami Callihan vs. Ray Steel, Phil Atlas, and Marcus Burke

These dudes never had a chance. The All Seeing Eye for the win.

oVe & Callihan win

As soon as the match is over, LAX comes through the crowd. But Homicide from behind and this becomes an LAX beat down! Homicide looks to deliver his finish to Sami, but Callihan fights out and bails.


Backstage McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing the Global Forge member, who’s a big douche. But before we know it, Johnny Impact pushes him aside, looks into the camera, and tells Patron he’s coming for him. It’ll be revenge from Sunday.

We move to Windsor for a Knockouts match

Allie vs. KC Spinelli

This is a good match.

Allie picks up the win with a Death Valley Driver after Spinelli misses a moonsault from the top rope.

Allie def. KC


The cameras catch up with Alberto and tell him that Johnny Impact is looking for him. Patron laughs that off.

There’s a backstage interview with Allie who’s excited about a Gail Kim announcement next week.

Next week, Lashley and American Top Team returns, LAX vs. oVe/Sami, & Gail Kim’s announcement about possible retirement.

Johnny Impact/Alberto El Patron Brawl

McKenzie Mitchell asks Patron, who’s wearing a red track suit, for some words. But before he can say a word, Johnny Impact jumps him and beats him up through catering.

Braxton Sutter came out of one of the trailers and tries to break it up but ends up getting beaten up by Johnny anyway. Caleb Konley tries and finds the same fate. Then Johnny and Alberto return their focus on each other as the fight spills outside.

When Berto gets an upper hand, he tells Johnny that it’s his championship, not Impact’s.

It spills back inside and security tries to break it up but they all get beaten back. When Johnny gets Alberto down he tells him “nothing is yours.”

Alberto climbs a ladder to the top of an area backstage to escape from Johnny but Impact parkours his way up! Patron ends up hanging from the top and gets stomped down. As security grabs Alberto, Johnny jumps from the top of the structure onto all of them!

The show goes to break and when they return, the fight is continuing with Alberto in control. The fight finally spills into the arena itself. Security tries its hand yet again. Berto grabs a mic and says that this is his company. Johnny tries to go at him but all of security is holding him back.

Patron rants that he doesn’t have the title because the people in the back screwed him. Alberto is down to fight though. All Johnny has to do is get into his ring. Impact obliges... and Alberto bails. What a bum.

Impact grabs the microphone and says “You call yourself the pride of Mexico, you’re not even the pride of your own father.” That pissed of Patron enough to storm the ring. Security pulls them apart. Alberto is able to nail a cheap shot and then a DDT to Johnny. And a second. Patron clotheslines two security guys from behind and locks in his arm bar in on Johnny over the ropes until referees finally pry him off.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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