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Impact Wrestling preview (Nov. 9, 2017): After Glory

Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Nov. 9) from Ottawa, Ontario with their first episode from this week’s set of tapings. It is the fallout from the Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV).

Here’s what’s advertised for tonight:

  • Johnny Impact calls out Alberto El Patron
  • Eddie Edwards (c) vs. El Hijo de Fantasma for the GHC heavyweight championship
  • Gail Kim to address the crowd

Here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) How soon until Alberto El Patron gets that title shot?

Alberto El Patron returned at Bound for Glory and was quickly thrust into the title picture. Earlier in the night, he cut a heel promo about how the company screwed him by suspending him despite investigations clearing him of any wrong doing. (This was referring to his real life suspension that occurred after a domestic violence investigation regarding an incident at the Orlando airport with Paige.)

Then later in the night, he interrupted the main event when Johnny Impact looked to have his championship match with Eli Drake won. Patron came through the crowd and beat up both participants. (The ref went down so didn’t see it.) He broke a chair over Johnny’s head and draped Drake over him, allowing the champion to retain his title.

Tonight, Johnny will call out Patron. It feels like these two will go one on one for the right to face Eli Drake sooner than later. Even if it’s a bit later, Patron is immediately back in the main event scene. We’ll see if that bites the company in the arse again.

2) Was Sunday Gail Kim’s last match?

It was announced awhile ago that Gail Kim would be retiring this year. On Sunday, it announced that Sunday was her last night. It seemed a bit sudden.

That left me to wonder if tonight’s farewell is actually the beginning of an angle that leads to her actual final match, a match that she’ll lose, which many will do when they leave a promotion. Personally, I’d love to see her get a one on one match with some build as her final match. It’d be a bit disappointing if she left Impact without a feud with Rosemary.

It’s also entirely possible that Gail decided recently that Sunday would be it for her and tonight she will be saying goodbye. If that’s the case, that leads to my next question.

3) What’s the plan for the Knockouts title?

Gail is Knockouts champion. So if she is retiring, she’ll have to relinquish it. Then what?

A tournament is the most common, and likely my favorite, way of crowning a new champion. But does Impact really have enough women to do a tourney? While a couple months ago, their KOs division looked rich, it once again looks very thin. Gail’s retired. Taryn has left. Taya won’t be there until January. There’s really just Sienna, Rosemary, and Allie. Though it’s possible Diamante of LAX can wrestle for them this round.

The other option would be a one time match such as a triple threat if they really are running with three women in the division.

Then again...

4) Will anyone be debuting soon?

A new round of tapings usually means some new faces. Last taping Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie debuted and that’s also when Taryn Terrell returned. At Bound for Glory, Jimmy Jacobs debuted as did Sami Callihan. So who else can the promotion try to pick up?

Jack Swagger has been released from WWE for awhile now so his televised non-compete should be over. There’s been rumor about Tessa Blanchard signing. There’s a ton of talent out there from that indie scene that can one day show up in the Impact Zone. (In this case, the Great White North version.)

5) Will there be an authority figure?

With Jim Cornette gone, Impact is without a boss to run things. Will they try to replace him or just run without a boss?

There was rumor a ways back that this time around, they wouldn’t focus on authority figures and just not feature one. That’s something entirely possible and could be a good move. But it’s been awhile since the promotion didn’t have a storyline boss.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight at 8EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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