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Yes, Impact appears to be paying people to attend this week’s tapings

A frequent complaint about Impact Wrestling is that the crowds for their usual tapings in Orlando at the Universal Studios backlot don’t always consist of diehard fans.

And maybe they weren’t at the park specifically to see Abyss or Gail Kim. They probably got some cheer/boo prompts from producers. But at least they weren’t being paid to sit there.

The same can not be said for this week’s taping in Ottawa, apparently.

A tweet from the now-protected account for Smyth Casting alerted fans and media to their casting call for the shows at Aberdeen Pavilion:

PWInsider also published the response their sources received when they inquired to the initial tweet:

Principal Cast Breakdown for the IMPACT Wrestling - Aberdeen Pavilion.


Please email if you fit the criteria.

Please send us:

Full name
Phone number
E-mail address


Filming dates:

Tuesday, November 7th - Thursday, November 9th
Time: 7 PM - 11 PM
Pay rate: $12.50 / hour for 4 hours work ($50.00 per day of work)

Location: Aberdeen Pavilion
1000 Exhibition Way
Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3

ANYONE 16 years or younger MUST have a parent and/or guardian with them at all times.

50-75 x audience members (per day - Nov 7th to Nov 9th)

All Ages
Any Ethnicity
Bring friends and family!!

Applicants can work more than 1 day; so please mention if you are available to be hired for multiple days.

Wardrobe: casual clothing - t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts. Weekend casual.
You may be given signs to hold; you are encouraged to look at wrestlers on the website ( and make your own signs, that would be very helpful - and you will get more face time on TV!!

You will get to sit in the audience and watch a thrilling night of wrestling provided to you by IMPACT! Each day of filming will be 4 hours long.

The concept of “papering shows” or giving away tickets has re-entered the discussion lately due to pictures of unpacked WWE houses making the rounds and some Bullet Club jokes at The ‘E’s expense. But this is something else.

Maybe they’re just trying to qualify for those local production tax breaks by hiring a few more Canadians?

Or maybe TNA gonna TNA, regardless of what you call them.

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