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Gail Kim wins the Knockouts title in her last match for Impact at Bound for Glory

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Gail Kim announced earlier this year that 2017 would be her last year in Impact. Tonight they announced that tonight’s (Nov. 5) Bound for Glory Knockouts title match would be her last match in Impact.

And in her last match, she won the Knockouts title for the seventh time.

This would book end her career with that Knockouts title. Ten years ago, she won the first ever Knockouts title. And a decade later, she won it in her last match. That’s some way to end her Impact career.

Jeremy Borash announced that next week on Impact she’ll be on hand, likely to say good bye and relinquish the title if she is indeed retiring. This being professional wrestling, it’s always possible that her segment on Impact is part of an angle that leads to one final match where she loses the title.

If tonight was her final match, congratulations to Gail on a hell of a career.

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