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Alberto El Patron returns to Impact at Bound for Glory, says he was screwed by management

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto El Patron returned to Impact tonight (Nov. 5) at Bound for Glory.

This was advertised well in advance. The question coming into it was how they would play his return after he was suspended this summer after he was investigated for a domestic incident.

This being wrestling, they turned it all into a story.

El Patron came out as the announcers made note that he wasn’t scheduled to come out at this time. Alberto cut a promo railing against management for suspending him, stripping him of his title, and not paying him despite investigations showing he did nothing wrong. Basically, in his eyes, they screwed him.

For some reason, he then focused his wrath at announcer Jeremy Borash, claiming that JB never reached out during Alberto’s time off. El Patron made Borash apologize and then made look like he was going to beat him up before he backed off.

But El Patron made sure to say that Bound for Glory will be amazing, so there’s a good chance Alberto will be making his presence known more tonight.

You can follow along with Bound for Glory here.

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