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Chris Adonis dons the dreaded Turkey Suit as Impact Thanksgiving hijinks ensue

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Unlike most of the meals today wherever Thanksgiving was celebrated, Impact decided to keep things light tonight. It makes sense. Knowing that viewership would be down due to the holiday, they decided to forego their bigger stories and this week’s episode would focus on Thanksgiving. And for Impact, that means one thing:

The dreaded Thanksgiving Turkey Suit.

This has been a longstanding tradition for the promotion and many famous people have had to wear the suit. WWE Champion AJ Styles and Ring of Honor tag champion Alex Shelley are the highest profile names to wear the suit. Grado, Jessie Godderz, and Rob Terry are a few others who had the honor.

Tonight, they’d add another name to that list.

They booked a 5 on 5 mixed tag match where the person to get pinned had to wear the suit. It was Eddie Edwards, Garza Jr, Fallah Bahh, Richard Justice, & Allie vs. Chris Adonis, KM, El Hijo de Fantasma, Caleb Konley, & Laurel Van Ness in this year’s Turkey Bowl. (However, it was renamed Eli Drake’s Gravy Train Turkey Trot by the Impact world champion. Yes, that’s a mouthful.)

After a chaotic match, one that saw Richard Justice perform the worse dive ever, Eddie Edwards rolled up Chris Adonis for the win. Eli Drake’s buddy would have to wear the outfit.

Look a good heel, Adonis resisted putting on the dreaded costume as long as possible. He tried to hightail it to the back, but in a wrestling first, security was actually able to stop him. Then Jeremy Borash got word from management that Adonis was contractually obligated to wear the suit. And if he didn’t, Eli Drake would have to.

This changed the tune of the world champ, who went and talked with his buddy. Eventually, Adonis made his way to the ring and put on the suit while the rest of the participants of the match sat at ringside at Thanksgiving Dinner tables.

Of course, there being food at ringside, a food fight inevitably broke out. It all ended when a turkey clad Adonis tried to hit Eddie Edwards in the face with a pie, but Eddie moved and Adonis hit Eli Drake instead. The champ was, dare I say, not pleased.

All in all, it was the hijinks that you’d expect from a Thanksgiving themed wrestling program. And while it was mainly filler, or maybe I should call it stuffing in this case, it was still silly fun.

I hope all of you had a better Thanksgiving than Eli Drake and Chris Adonis!

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