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Impact Wrestling spoilers from Nov. 8 - 9: New champs and a big farewell

Impact Wrestling continued their latest week of tapings on Wednesday and Thursday in Ottawa’s Aberdeen Pavillion.

These results are compiled from a variety of live reports, which are subject to a couple levels of interpretation, and final production of the material for airing on television usually changes context, so...

Take these with a grain of salt, is all I’m saying. Still the big matches, winners/losers and story beats are here.

Filmed Wednesday, Nov. 8 for probable broadcast Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and 14 - one of which will be a “Genesis” special episode:

- Johnny Impact and Petey Williams def. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis via pinfall following Starship Pain (on Adonis); post-match, Alberto El Patron attacks Drake and drapes the belt over him

- Lots of between match promotion for Impact’s partnership with Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, including a video and bringing a group of children to the ring. Canadian Army vet and Ottawa City Counciler Jody Mitic, who lost both legs in a landmine incident in Afghanistan, was announced as special guest ring announcer.

- Eddie Edwards def. Kaito Kiyomayi from Pro Wrestling Noah via pinfall following Boston Knee Party (Xplosion match)

- Taiji Ishimori def. Caleb Konley via pinfall following a 450 splash. Konley and Trevor Lee attack Ishimori afterwards, but Dezmond Xavier arrived to save the day.

- Rosemary def. Sienna and Allie (pinfall following Red Wedding to Allie) and will face Laurel Van Ness for the vacant Knockouts title

- Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams and Johnny Impact def. Chris Adonis, Eli Drake & Jimmy Jacobs/Kongo Kong; Jacobs is calling himself “The Princess” and has a look similar to his Ring of Honor days, he essentially served as a manager here. El Patron hit a backstabber on Impact during the match but remained at ringside, then stole the pin by pulling Johnny out after he’d hit Starship Pain on Drake, then hitting a Frog Splash.

- oVe and Sami Callihan are out for a promo where Callihan runs down Canada, Mexico, AAA and LAX. He says their feud with Konnan’s boys will soon come to an end. Le Tabarnak de Team (aka TDT, the Québécois duo of Mathieu St-Jacques and Thomas Dubois) cut a promo in French, Sami tells them to speak American and eats a boot for it. oVe’s numbers get the upperhand in the ensuing fight, but LAX runs in to help out. Segment ends with Santana waving a Canadian flag.

- EC3 vs. Matt Sydal for the Grand championship ends in a draw, so EC3 retains. The champ was awarded round one and Sydal the second. Their heads collided on a Shooting Star Press from Sydal and the third round ended with both men down. The first two judges split on the round and third judge Fallah Bahh scored it 10 - 10.

- Bobby Lashley and Dan Lambert def. James Storm and Moose. Lambert reportedly never performed a move or took a bump, just attempted pins. He got the final one after a spear from Lashley, which was assisted by a distraction from American Top Team that ended when Storm threw one of their members from the ring onto a bunch of other ones on the floor.

- Drake and Adonis come out for a heel promo about the weather in Ottawa, and to hype title defenses in other promotions (New Jersey and Detroit’s Border City Wrestling are mentioned). Alberto El Patron appears to demand a one-on-one match with Eli “tonight”. Johnny Impact is out to announce he’ll also be in Detroit. He lays everyone out and poses with the belt.

- Allie def. Sienna, KC Spinelli and Madison Rayne via pinfall with a roll-up of Sienna. This may be a #1 contender’s match.

- Desmond Xavier and Taiji Ishimori def. Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley via pinfall (Ishimori rolled up Lee)

- Moose and James Storm call out ATT. This sets up a one-on-one match between Moose and Lashley and “loser leaves town” match for Storm and Lambert, where ATT will leave Impact forever if The Cowboy wins, but it will Storm’s last match for the promotion if Lambert wins. KM shows up to attack the faces after ATT leaves, and gets left laying following a Last Call.

- Laurel Van Ness def. Rosemary to win the Knockout championship. After a ref bump, Rosemary tried to mist LVN, but Laurel blocked it with her hand and rubbed the mist in Rosemary’s eyes. She then hit Unprettier from the top rope for a pin.

- Eli Drake def. Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron in Six Sides of Steel to retain the World title. Impact had both men down and was on the verge of escaping, but opted to hit them both with a cross body from the top instead. Johnny later looked to have the win, but when he went to drop to the floor during his escape, Chris Adonis caught him, which allowed Drake to get down and touch the ground first.

Filmed Thursday, Nov. 9 for probable broadcast from Dec. 14 - Jan. 4

- Taiji Ishimori def. Trevor Lee via pinfall following a 450 Splash to win the X-Division title, despite a lot of interference from Caleb Konley

- EC3 def. Matt Sydal and Fallah Bahh by decision to retain the Grand championship. Bahh dominated and won round one, but was knocked out of the ring early in the second, allowing the champ to take it. Round three was described as pretty even with lots of offense from Bahh, so the decision to give it to EC3 is controversial.

- Joseph Park introduces the newest member of the roster, Chandler Park. Chandler rolls up Josh Boldin(?) after Joseph punched him to win his debut.

- Dan Lambert def. James Storm via pinfall in a career vs. career match after lots of interference from ATT and KM. Two beer bottle shots to the head set-up the finish.

- The Cowboy delivers an emotional farewell, telling his family he’s gonna be home for a while now, and thanking his wife and kids, the fans, Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Bob Ryder before spraying beer on the crowd and leaving.

- LAX def. oVe via pinfall following their blockbuster/powerbomb combo to win the tag titles. The Crists were without Callihan, and sneak attacked Konnan and Ortiz before the bell to isolate Santana, who survived alone until Ortiz recovered.

- Kongo Kong (with Jimmy “The Princess” Jacobs) def. Kaito Kiyomayi via pinfall following a top rope splash in a total squash

- Lambert and ATT are out to brag about his win over Storm and talk trash about pro wrestlers. He introduces KM as the newest member of their squad. KM boasts about taking out Storm and Moose, which brings out Moose to just start wailing on him. Lashley gets involved, which brings out Eddie Edwards even things up. The faces end up cornering Lambert before his team pulls him to safety.

- The Grand champion cuts a promo calling Matt Sydal a choker, and gets in some shots about the local NHL team. EC3 issues a non-title open challenge which is answered by Petey Williams. Sydal comes through crowd and attacks, giving EC3 a DQ win. Petey looks pissed, but shakes hands with Matt to end the segment.

- Laurel Van Ness def. KC Spinelli via pinfall following an Unprettier to retain the Knockouts championship. Allie attacked the champ afterwards.

- Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr. and Desmond Xavier def. Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley & Hakim Zane via pinfall (Xavier on Konley following his corkscrew senton bomb); Ishimori comes down with his belt and shakes hands with Dezmond after they tease some tension.

- Lashley and KM def. Eddie Edwards and Moose via pinfall (KM with The Ego Driver on Edwards); Lashley and Moose brawled to the back, and interference from Dan Lambert and ATT assisted KM in getting the win

- Kongo Kong (with Jacobs) def. Chandler Park (with Joseph Park) in a squash

- LAX def. oVe in a barbed wire match to retain the tag titles. Callihan was back with the Crists; Konnan and Homicide were with the champs. Trash cans, forks, tequila and barbed wire tables all were used. The finish saw Santana superplex Jake off a ladder through a table.

H/T: Wrestling Inc

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