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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Nov. 9, 2017): Welcome to Brawl Town


Impact Wrestling returned last night (Nov. 9) from Ottawa, Ontario with their fallout from Bound for Glory. You can find the results at the live blog here.

Brawl Town

The main story tonight was Johnny Impact looking for Alberto El Patron to get revenge from last Sunday. While Johnny had the fire to show he was supremely pissed, it was silly enough to be enjoyable.

Such as when Johnny arrived to Impact.

What is it with Impact babyfaces being terrible parkers? First Moose parking in two handicapped spaces and now Johnny just leaving his car in the middle of the lane.

By the end of the night, Johnny finally tracked down Alberto El Patron, who was wearing a red track suit to add to his villainy. They brawled from catering, to outside, to back into catering, to the roof of a bathroom, and finally into the Impact Zone. Anyone who tried to get in their path got disposed of.

And it had a few fun spots. Such as Johnny Parkour!

And then of course this.

It finally made its way into the arena, as security continued their futile attempt to break it up. Alberto grabbed a microphone and told Johnny that Impact was his show. He was about to bail on the fight when Johnny goaded him into the ring by bringing up Patron’s father. However, an angry Patron is a dangerous one. He delivered two DDTs to the Prince of Parkour and then hooked in his arm breaker over the ropes until the referees were finally able to pry him loose.

This had the right mixture of silly/cheesy and intensity to make it enjoyable. The backstage parts may have started to drag a bit, but they soon made it to the Impact Zone, where the fight took on a bit more of a serious tone. Johnny did a good job of showing angry intensity throughout and Patron did well being a complete arse.

Eli vs. Petey

Eli Drake opened the show rocking the mic like only he can do. His promo doesn’t have to have a ton of substance. It just sounds super good.

He touched on the big points, such as how no one should have doubted him at Bound for Glory. His Sunday was perfect... except for Alberto El Patron. He tells Patron that if he thinks Impact has screwed him, wait until Eli screws him. (While Johnny Impact is furious at Alberto, Eli is content to mention him briefly in a promo while lauding hhimself as if he earned it on Sunday.)

Because of his injuries at Bound for Glory, he said management gave him the night off, which is fine because there’s no one left for him to beat. So he’s going to get the hell out of Canada.

This brought out Petey Williams, who took exception to the statement that Eli has beaten everyone. He hasn’t beaten Petey so the Canadian requested a title match then and there. Drake is OK with a match... next week. But Williams didn’t want to wait. He made his way to the ring, disposing of Chris Adonis in route, and took the fight to Eli. He looked to have Eli set up for his Canadian Destroyer, but Adonis was able to pull the champ out of the ring.

This is a good mini-feud for both men. Petey was super over with the crowd on Sunday and he’s looked really good on his Impact return tour. It has potential to be a good match and get Drake some more heat by defeating the hometown hero in front of the hometown crowd.

Killer Instinct

After Matt Sydal bested Sonjay Dutt, EC3 came out to have a word with the Reborn One. He acknowledged that Sydal wins all the time - except when it counts. Matt lost his title match to Eli Drake. He lost Sunday’s X Division title match. He’s a choke artist.

Carter said he knows a thing or two about winning all the time but the difference between him and Sydal is that he has a killer instinct. Matt steps back allowing Carter to come into the ring to fight, but EC3 passes. Instead, he leaves a parting shot, saying that it’s too bad Matt Sydal wasn’t reborn a winner.

It looks like EC3 is back to his heel form after shifting a bit more towards the center for Bound for Glory. It is a better fit for him. And this was a good start to their feud. EC3 claimed that Sydal is just like him without the killer instinct. Now Matt will either have to prove Carter that he doesn’t need to be vicious to pick up big wins or find said killer instinct. It’s an intriguing premise.

GHC Championship

Eddie Edwards successfully defended his Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Heavyweight title against El Hijo de Fantasma. This was a really good bout. The match stemmed from Bound for Glory, when Fantasma delivered his Thrill of the Kill finish to Eddie on the apron, putting him out of the match.

Eddie tried to get revenge tonight with a Tiger Driver on the apron, but Fantasma was able to escape it. Edwards was still able to battle for the win.

The War Continues

oVe and Sami Callihan had their way with three enhancement dudes. Callihan adds an edge to oVe. Prior, oVe were kind of whacky and a bit unhinged, but overall standard babyface. But with the addition of Sami, oVe is vicious. They feel threatening. It’s a good addition.

After the match, Santana and Ortiz of LAX came through the crowd. However, Homicide slid into the ring from behind and this soon turned into an LAX beat down. Luckily for the Ohioans, they were able to bail before any real damage was done.

While I hope they introduce other tag teams, I’m down for these two to battle for longer, especially now that oVe has an extra edge with Sami Callihan.


At Border City Wrestling, Allie defeated KC Spinelli in what was a pretty damn good match. It looks like they’re getting further away from “Allie is learning to wrestle” and settling into “Allie is a good wrestler,” which is a good thing. There’s more story options with the latter.

Pros of the Show:

  • The brawl ended up being pretty fun
  • Eli vs. Petey looks fun
  • EC3’s story with Matt Sydal could be a good one

Cons of the Show:

  • The backstage part of the brawl ran a bit long
  • None of the main women’s angles were addressed

This was a set up show to put things in motion for the upcoming episodes. Overall, there are some intriguing stories headed our way.

This was a pretty good showing.

Grade: B

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