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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Oct. 4, 2017): GFW battles Triple A


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 4) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight EC3 will team with James Storm to face El Hijo de Fantasma and Texano. Also, there will be a 6-man X Division tag match between Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt, & Petey Williams and Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, & Caleb Konley, Sienna will address the Knockouts, and oVe will be in action.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Starts with a graphic In Memoriam of Lance Russell and then a separate one that said “Pray for Vegas”

Eli Drake opening segment

Show opens with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Drake is dressed up and has a cigar in his mouth, looking good.

The champ talks up how he drove into Slamtown, turned that ghetto into a parking lot, and built a palace on top of it. He breaks the news that Johnny Impact won’t be in tonight and if he has anything to say about it, he’s not coming back. He talks about how Johnny was begging him not to hurt him last week and then Eli delivered the Gravy Train to his jacket, representing how he did that to Johnny last week.

Drake says Jim Cornette has done everything in his power to keep Drake down but hasn’t been able to. Eli claims this is a reign of a defiant one and it’s not ending any time soon.

Eli says Cornette is sending him to Japan next week, but because of that, he has the night off tonight. Drake turns to Adonis and says that he can see it in his eyes that he wants to tear into someone. So he’s set him up with a match tonight. And he doesn’t even know who it is, but it doesn’t matter.

Out comes Garza Jr.!

Garza Jr. vs. Chris Adonis

Adonis is not dressed to compete so he’s wrestling in fancy jeans. Eli Drake moves to commentary.

Despite not being ready, Adonis uses his size to control Garza early on. Garza endures and delivers a frankensteiner to Adonis onto the floor. However, he misses the splash onto the floor to follow up and Adonis back in control as Impact goes to break.

When they return, Chris is still in clear control of Garza Jr.

During the match, they show a split screen of Johnny Impact looking for Eli Drake and presumably making his way to the ring?

Meanwhile, Garza finally fights back with a series of lariats and a drop kick. And the pants rip!

Eli Drake leaves commentary after seeing Impact looking for him.

And out comes Johnny Impact! He attacks Adonis! The ref calls for the bell and tries to break it up and Johnny shoves him. He delivers a hit to Garza as well.

Adonis def. Garza via DQ

This chaos brings Jim Cornette out, who makes a match between Garza Jr. and Johnny Impact. He turns to Eli Drake, who returned to ringside. Jim says the winner of this match next week will face Drake at Bound for Glory!

In the ring, Garza and Johnny deliver shoves and this turns into a big time brawl that the officials have immense trouble breaking up.


They play a video package recapping the Moose/Lashley stuff. They show Moose on the phone at the end, saying that he knows where Lashley is and he’s going to finish what Lashley started.

They recap the LAX/oVe title win from last week.

In the LAX clubhouse, the feeling is glum. Konnan is pissed at his boys for losing the tag titles. There’s bickering between them, which Konnan says is what they want... dissension amongst all of them.

oVe vs. two dudes

It wasn’t the fastest squash, but it was a squash none the less, with the champs taking zero offense.

oVe def. two dudes


Sienna addresses the Knockouts

Sienna makes her way to the ring with KM by her side.

The champ points out that she doesn’t have a match for BFG, though it could be because she’s beaten the entire division to a pulp. So if it’s not a match, then it’s going to be a hall of fame bid. If she does it all, she may as well retire as champion, something Gail Kim could never do.

This brings Gail down to the ring to respond. Kim says that she’s put way too much blood, sweat, and tears into this division to hear her disrespect it. Gail says Sienna never would have beaten her at Destination X if it weren’t for Taryn Terrell so she wants her rematch at BFG.

Taryn is the next to come out. Terrell reminds everyone that she holds the record for longest reigning KOs champion. She tells Gail not to worry about the champ and instead worry about something she’s never been able to do... beat her.

Allie comes out next and the crowd pops for her. She thinks she deserves a title shot as well.

Cue Karen Jarrett. She makes it known that there’s no way Sienna is going into the Hall of Fame and she will be defending her title at BFG against all 3 women in the ring in a fatal four way.

(I guess it’ll be Rosemary vs. Taya.)


Joseph Park and Grado are at a VIP photo signing, where Park is signing $100 bucks a pop. Grado thinks it’s a bit much. At the end of the night, Grado gets his earnings, which may be light because all I can see if a 5, but Grado seems happy.

Caleb Konley, Trevor Lee, & Andrew Everett vs. Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, and Matt Sydal

There’s an obvious added in later voice over of Josh Mathews addressing how Everett and Lee used to be enemies but somehow Lee has brainwashed Konley and Everett to follow him.

Early on Team Tar Heel are taking it to their three challengers. But the good guys recover and perform a tandem suicide dive/springboard moonsault onto their rivals at ringside.

When the return from break, it’s the heroes in control, with Caleb Konley in trouble throughout. However, a knee in the back from Everett on the apron distracts Sonjay Dutt and the heels are about to take control. Dutt delivers a tornado DDT to Konley while kicking off Lee and Everett. He’s able to make the tag.

The action picks up afterwards and it leads to a Shooting Star Press from Sydal onto Everett for the win.

Sydal, Williams, and Dutt win

After the match, Sonjay grabs a microphone and issues a challenge to Lee at BFG. Lee doesn’t seem into it. Petey Williams grabs the microphone and stakes his claim for the title for the title. Of course, Sydal does the same.


Sydal, Dutt, and Petey Williams are all arguing in Jim Cornette’s office. He just leaves.

They show hot mess Laurel Van Ness riding a scooting through the crowd.

They play a video of Moose driving to the American Top Team facility to track down Lashley. Dan Lambert stands in front of him but immediately gets shoved. Moose enters an octagon and is ambushed by all of Top Team. They toss him out of building.

Texano & El Hijo de Fantasma vs. EC3 & James Storm

Early on, Storm has control of Texano and gets the Triple A man into his corner. EC3 extends his hand for a tag, but Storm thinks about it for too long and Texano takes advantage. Storm gets back on the offensive and this time, Carter just tags himself in.

Carter works over Fantasma and reaches for the tag. When Storm looks to accept, EC3 pulls it back. So the Cowboy tags himself in instead.

Storm finds himself in trouble and this is the first time he actively tags out to Carter when he gets the opportunity. Carter does well for himself however when he goes for his ECD on Texano, Fantasma kicks him in the head. Triple A takes control.

Pagano makes his way to the ring and Storm gets off the apron to back him down. However, this was when EC3 was ready to finally tag out and the Cowboy wasn’t there for it. El Hijo de Fantasma hits a big knee to Carter as Impact goes to break.

When they return, Carter is in trouble. Pagano even gets involved when the referee is distracted by another.

Fantasma misses a splash and Carter hits a cutter and is finally able to tag in Storm. And he is on fire. However, Pagano jumps on the apron to distract and Triple A starts double teaming the Cowboy.

After a Tower of Doom spot, everyone is laid out. Pagano pulls EC3 to the outside and into the ringpost. Then everything spills outside. Fantasma misses an Arrow from the Depth of Hell and hits Texano instead!

Storm tries to suplex Fantasma back into the ring but Pagano pulls his leg and El Hijo falls into the cover for the 1-2-3.

Fantasma and Texano win


Back to the LAX club house. Konnan says their rematch will be a 5150 street fight. They all seem to be back on the same page.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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