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Impact Wrestling preview (Oct. 5, 2017): Inter-promotional action


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Oct. 5) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida with their eighth episode from the last set of tapings.

Here’s what’s advertised for tonight:

  • EC3 & James Storm vs. Texano & El Hijo de Fantasma
  • Matt Sydal, Petey Williams, & Sonjay Dutt vs. Andrew Everett, Caleb Konley, Trevor Lee
  • Sienna Addresses the Knockouts
  • oVe in action

Here are our five questions regarding tonight’s episode:

1) Will there be repercussions from last week?

The end of last week’s episode was chaos. Champion Eli Drake cheated plenty to defeat Johnny Impact to retain his title. During that match, he punched out an official. He and Chris Adonis attacked other officials post match as well.

LAX was involved in their own assault on officials and a fan at the close of the show, probably because they were angry that they lost the tag team titles to oVe earlier in the night.

Obviously, touching an official is a big no-no, though the punishment varies per wrestling storyline. They’ve set up a story that current (though temporary) boss Jim Cornette is not a fan of Eli Drake. Certainly, he’ll have some punishment. LAX as well.

We’ll likely learn how the actions from last week will play into the final run towards Bound for Glory, which is in a month.

2) Who’s the BFG challenger for the Global championship?

Bound for Glory is only a month away so it’s time for them to start building the card, including what’s likely to be the top match: The Global Title match.

At this point, my bet would be that Eli Drake is going to be the champion going into the pay-per-view (PPV). It’s too soon for him to lose the title and start a new feud. And if he’s going to lose it to a babyface, they should do it at the PPV and not have the rematch at the PPV.

Right now, my money is on Johnny Impact as the challenger. Those two had a really fun match before things got too wild at the end. Johnny didn’t win but Eli needed to empty his dirty bag of tricks to get the job done.

3) Is the Triple A/GFW feud leading to a 3 on 3 match? Or something bigger?

James Storm and EC3 have decided to put their hatred for each other aside to deal with the threats of Triple A. Tonight they’ll fight El Hijo de Fantasma (AKA King Cuerno) and Texano.

However, other men have been involved in the feud already. On the GFW end, it was Eddie Edwards. On the Triple A end, it was Pagano. Assuredly, they’ll be both involved going forward.

What’s the end game? A three on three? Or are they going to add in two men per side and try a Lethal Lockdown?

And that’s all dependent on Carter and Storm actually getting along enough tonight to make their alliance work.

4) Who’s next to challenge for Sienna’s Knockouts title?

This is something we’ll probably learn during her address of the KOs tonight. Not because she’s going to tell us but more likely someone like Jim Cornette or Karen Jarrett is going to tell her that she needs to defend that title.

But with Taya and Rosemary very possibly (and hopefully) on a collision course and Gail Kim still with unfinished business with Taryn Terrell, who does it leave?

Allie. It leaves Allie. And I’d be all for that.

But with a month left, there will probably be a mini feud involving some of the ladies to get us to Bound for Glory. Perhaps we’ll see Sienna defend her title prior to the PPV.

5) Is Andrew Everett back aligned with Trevor Lee?

The X Division is represented in a 3 on 3 tag match, which wouldn’t really raise any eyebrows until I thought about the teams.

Andrew Everett is on the heel team alongside champion Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley. Everett and Lee were best buds for the longest time, but that turned into a big rivalry. And last I recall, there was no reconciliation.

Is Everett going to be back on Team Tar Heel without explanation? Or will there be some tension between him and his former partner during this tag?

Impact Wrestling airs tonight at 8 EST on PopTV. Who’s watching?

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