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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Oct. 26, 2017): Moose vs. Lashley

Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 25) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Moose will face Lashley in the main event. Also, Johnny Impact will team with Garza Jr. to tag against Eli Drake and Chris Adonis, Trevor Lee travels to the Crash promotion in Mexico, and we’ll see a Pro Wrestling NOAH match between Eddie Edwards and Naomichi Marufuji.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Lashley arrives to the arena with Dan Lambert. Don’t see the rest of American Top Team. Moose and Stephan Bonnar are also in the building.

Recap of the Impact/Triple A stuff.

Start at Triple A of course. It’s EC3 and James Storm vs. El Hijo de Fantasma and Texano.

When Team Triple A has control, for some reason Fantasma and Texano start sabotaging each other. In fact Fantasma hits his finisher and Texano won’t let him get the cover. This allows Storm to hit a Last Call Superkick on Fantasma for the win.

EC3 and Storm wins


Eli Drake is backstage when Dutch Mantel pulls him aside to tell him he missed media appearances last week. Drake says to tell the PR people to put his face on everything. Doesn’t really answer Dutch’s question.

In an office with Dutch and Scott D’Amore. Dutch is ranting about Eli Drake. Scott is trying to calm him down when Cornette walks out to complain about Eli Drake just like Mantel.


We go to Border City Wrestling in Ottawa for an oVe title match

oVe vs. Atlas and Banks for the Impact tag titles

Banks and Atlas looked good but the champs won with their double team tombstone finisher

oVe retain their titles


Video recap of the Moose/Bonnar/Top Team rivalry

Eli Drake is backstage when some media guys try to grab him for an interview. He doesn’t want to do it but he orders them to set up the area.

We’re 30 minutes in and they haven’t done one thing inside the actual Impact Zone.

And onto Japan...

Eddie Edwards vs. Naomichi Marufuji

Marufuji focused on Eddie’s neck but Eddie was able to come out on top.

Edwards def. Marufuji


oVe outside a building talking about how if they need to fight a family like LAX, they will need to bring their own. You see someone’s tattooed arm giving the thumbs down.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell tries to Eli Drake about his match tonight. He says Garza and Johnny Impact are style but Eli Drake is substance. She asks for one more question but he sends her on his way.

In the Impact Zone (wow), Laurel Van Ness is dancing in the crowd with two glasses of champagne.

I hope you enjoyed that 20 seconds in the Impact Zone because we’re back in Canada.

It’s a 4 way between Petey Williams, Idris Abraham, and two other guys. Petey wins with the Canadian Destroyer.


Video package for Drake vs. Johnny.

Chris Adonis & Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact & Garza Jr.

It’s Johnny who’s the face in peril much of the time.

Garza gets the tag in and rips off his pants before delivering a superkick to Drake. Things soon break down an Garza and Johnny have some fun tandem offense. However, Drake nails a big spine buster on Garza for a 2 count as Impact goes to break.

When they return, it’s Garza who is in trouble. He finally gets the hot tag to Johnny. Drake is able to grab Impact and Adonis goes for a hit, but Johnny moves and Chris nails the champ. This leads to an Impact roll up for the win.

Johnny and Garza Jr win


Alberto El Patron return video

And off to the Crash promotion.

Trevor Lee is looking around to see who he’s wrestling tonight.

Trevor Lee vs. Ultimo Ninja for the X Division title

Ultimo Ninja is Gazra Jr.’s brother.

Trevor ends up winning with a footstop and a grab of the tights so exaggerated that they had to blur out Ultimo Ninja’s ass.

Lee def. Ultimo Ninja


They show some Global Forge stuff.

A video of King Mo talking about when Moose tried to storm the American Top Team facility.

Moose (w/Stephan Bonnar) vs. Lashley (w/Dan Lamer)

Moose is fully in control much of the early going. But when he’s trying to get in the ring, Dan Lambert holds his leg. This allows Lashley to take control. Bonnar tries to insert himself but that just draws the referee. When the ref is distracted, Dan Lambert makes sure to stand on Moose’s chest when he’s down on the outside.

Moose landed a hit that swelled up Lashley’s eye. Because of that, Lambert ran into the ring and hit Lashley with a trophy, ending the match in DQ.

Moose def. Lashley via DQ

Lashley set up for the spear and landed it as Bonnar stood on the ring apron. Then he gets in and puts down Lashley with a modified Rain Maker.

All of Top Team run down to beat up Bonnar but Moose is able to get a chair the ring. He grabs the microphone and says they’re going to make their tag match at BFG a cage match.


That’s the show, folks. That’s for enduring it with us!

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