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The Jeff Jarrett/Impact Wrestling divorce is off to a great start

Earlier today, Impact Wrestling went ahead and made that “indefinite leave of absence” Jeff Jarrett was on a permanent split.

If you were thinking that would be the end of it and everyone would quietly and respectfully go their separate ways, well... good on you for thinking the best of people! But, as it turns out, this is still pro wrestling, and a promotion that used to be called TNA (now run by someone who didn’t know the business was “personality-driven”), and a man who once tried to raise money by getting his fans to invest in gold via a multi-level marketing scheme.

So, when WrestleZone reached out to Jarrett for a comment on his exit, Double J offered this:

“Anthem is out of money.”

Short, to the point, and reinforces a rumor that was already out there via a story Anthem executive and Impact President Ed Nordholm (the man who allegedly removed Jarrett from Impact) spent a week refuting.

To Anthem’s credit, they took the high road in their response:

“That statement is inaccurate. Anthem and IMPACT Wrestling are looking forward to a successful 6-day tour in Ottawa, Nov. 5-10, and much more.”

Hopefully, but almost certainly not, the end.

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