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Impact is done with Global Force, four months after ‘acquiring’ it

In the least surprising news ever, Impact Wrestling announced earlier today (Oct. 23) that they are no longer in the Double-J and Global Force Wrestling (GFW) business:

It’s not surprising because Impact’s parent company, Anthem Entertainment, already put Jeff Jarrett on a leave of absence, and the promotion has been quietly distancing itself for the TNA Hall of Famer’s brand for weeks (where their practice of pre-taping television months in advance will allow).

Sadly/laughably, it’s also not surprising because not-well-thought-out moves plague this company, regardless of what they ask to be called, or who owns them. That they’re publicly splitting from GFW less than four months after announcing they would acquire them and merge their titles with the Global Force ones is...

Well, you know.

Let the re-branding commence. Again.

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