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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Oct. 19, 2017): Rosemary vs. Taya!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 19) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Rosemary will battle Taya Valkyrie. Plus, Lashley and American Top Team will address Impact, Andrew Everett will face Dezmond Xavier, and with Bound for Glory only a few weeks away, they’ll continue to build that pay-per-view card.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact

They’re calling this a special grudge match.

Johnny comes out hot with a spear but Adonis soon gains control. And he maintains it for a long while. Of course, Impact fights back. Right before they go to break, Johnny hits a wild looking springboard spinning enziguri thingy.

When they return, they’re fighting on the turnbuckle. Johnny pushes him off and hits the elbow for the 1-2-3.

That was a brief second part of the match.

Impact beats Adonis

Eli Drake tries to attack Johnny post match but Johnny rips off his pants and then whips off his belt.

However, Chris Adonis nails him from behind and Eli gets on the attack. Eli whips off his shirt and then whips Johnny Impact in his boxer briefs. But out comes Garza Jr to clear the ring!


They play an Alberto El Patron video for BFG.

They play a 5 way match up from Triple A involving EC3, James Storm, El Hijo de Fantasma, Eddie Edwards, and Texano. It was a lot of chaos, including Texano trying to get Storm to hit Fantasma Sr. with a chair. It ended with Texano getting the win.

Now we’re off to Tijuana with oVe. The roll into Konnan’s club. Konnan won’t speak to them unless they defend the tag titles at Crash tonight.

A clip of team Impact arguing about getting on the same page. Eddie wants them to fix this. They talk about coming back and finishing this next week.

Dan Lambert and Jim Cornette are shouting at each other in Jim’s office.


Andrew Everett (w/ Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley) vs. Dezmond Xavier

Team Carolina used their numbers/distractions to keep Xavier off his feet. However, Xavier was able to side step Everett who ran into the corner and then deliver a pele-esque kick for the win

Xavier def. Everett


oVe are still looking for Konnan and are told they have to defend the titles tonight. oVe are cool with that.

Recap of the Grado/Joseph Park stuff up to now.

Grado/Joseph Park segment

Grado makes his way to the ring. He demands Joseph Park come down to the ring. Grado accuses him of taking advantage of him when they worked together. Park is remorseful and admits he’s guilty of these charges. But he gets meaner as he reminds Grado if it weren’t for him and the visa, he wouldn’t even be here.

Grado asks for the visa but Park denies him. Instead he has another idea: A match at BFG. Grado vs. Park. If Grado wins, he stays. If he loses, he goes. The Scot immediately signed the contract.

Joseph informs him he should have read the fine print. Because the contract states the match is a Monster’s Ball match. And it’s not against Joseph Park but against Abyss.


Grado is running to his car outside the arena trying to calm himself down. He checks his radio and apparently Sirius 666 is playing Abyss’ music. Father James Mitchell appears in the car and tells him BFG is Doomsday.

oVe faces Black Diamond and Black Danger at the Crash promotion

The showed the entire match. It wasn’t super long. oVe gets the win with a double team top rope stop into a tombstone.

oVe retain their titles


JB is in the ring to make an announcement when Top Team comes in and shoves him down. Dan Lambert takes the mic. He said he spent years watching Lashley squander his MMA potential in Impact. He puts himself over as the biggest wrestling fan in the building.

He has a duffle bag and shows off the belts he has from past wrestlers while trying to prove his wrestling knowledge. But despite being the biggest wrestling fan, it’s pro wrestling that’s trying to affect his success. Now he’s going to ask Lashley and King Mo to destroy wrestling - to expose it for what it is - bottom feeders and pretenders.

He challenges Moose and Stephan Bonnar to fight Lashley and King Mo at BFG.

Moose’s music plays and he comes out with Bonnar with all those titles. Lashley attacks them from behind. Top Team and Lashley lay out the faces.

A couple Impact guys run down to try to put down Top Team but they’re all laid out.


oVe is backstage after winning their match and now it’s time for them to talk to Konnan. He’s in the ring with some ladies. They ask for the pay for the match but Konnan didn’t say anything about pay. Members of the Crash promotion surround the ring. The Crist boys say “Roadhouse” and start fighting everyone. But soon they’re found completely out numbered.


Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary

Rosemary came out swinging and is doing well until Taya pulls her arm into the ring post.

On the second segment of the match, Taya has control. Rosemary able to get back into it with a German and these two go back and forth. In the end, Taya wins with a standing stomp.

Taya def. Rosemary

After the match, Taya tried to deliver Road to Valhalla post match but she gets misted instead. Post match, Rosemary says the hivelings require blood and at Bound for Glory, they will paint the Impact Zone with hers!

First blood match?


That’s the show, folks! Thanks for enduring it with us!

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