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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Oct. 12, 2017): Johnny Impact vs. Garza Jr.!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 12) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Johnny Impact will face Garza Jr. to find out who will challenge Eli Drake for the Global championship at Bound for Glory. Plus, Rosemary will be in action, Moose will go to the American Top Team facility to confront Lashley again but this time with back up, and there will be a 6 person tag between Allie/Dezmond Xavier/James Storm and Sienna/Caleb Konley/Texano.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


They start with video teaser about some footage they’ll play from Pro Wrestling NOAH later on tonight.

LAX/oVe segment

LAX (sans Low-Ki) make their way to the ring. Konnan starts with his shtick but Santana takes the mic and he just wants oVe now. The tag champs are quick to respond. They grab some chairs and make their way into the ring and stand on the other side of LAX.

Dave Crist tells them to name the match and Konnan says a 5150 Street Fight. oVe agree. Diamante takes the mic and tells them it doesn’t just mean the two of them but all of them.

This breaks into a brawl but LAX dominates given the numbers. Dave gets a double team hangmans DDT onto a chair while Jake is tossed over the top rope through a table.


They play footage of Impact at NOAH.

There’s a contract signing press conference between Champion Eddie Edwards and Marufuji. And they show Eli Drake cutting a promo at the same presser. It looked like he may have been standing next to Cody Hall.

They play a video package recapping the issues between Lashley and Moose. It’s a long one.

Now they play a video of the happenings between Johnny Impact and Garza Jr.


Rosemary vs. Hannah Harper

It’s a squash, y’all. Red Wedding. 1-2-3.

Rosemary def. Harper

The Demon Assassin grabs a microphone. She says nothing makes her happier than finding an opponent worthy to her brand of violence and destruction. And that is Taya, who she invites to the ring to accept a dance with the demon.

Taya slowly makes her way to the ring... where she MISTS ROSEMARY! ROAD TO VALHALLA!


They show the clip of Moose getting his arse handed to him by American Top Team. Cut to him on his phone, but this time he wants the back up that he declined last week.

Taryn Terrell/Gail Kim segment

Taryn Terrell makes her way to the ring. Now that she has a title shot at BFG, she’s going to set her sights on something more personal: A loser named Gail Kim. She doesn’t know why fans cheer for her nor why her husband is even married to her.

Her words obviously draw out Gail Kim. Gail tells Taryn that her mind games won’t work on her so just cut them out. Then she nails her with a big slap and starts unloading on her long time nemesis.


The heel team of Sienna, Texano, and Caleb Konley are interviewed backstage. Sienna wants the guys to just stay out of her way. Texano talks about how he’s the only cowboy in this country. Konley says that Trevor Lee is doing his thing and tonight it’s about Caleb.

They show Grado in a parking lot when Joseph Park rolls up with a ton of women, who he calls interns. Grado is not pleased with things.

Sienna (w/KM), Caleb Konley, & Texano vs. Allie, Dezmond Xavier, & James Storm

James Storm is finding himself in trouble early on. Sienna tags in and takes the boots to him. Josh says that Allie needs to come in because it’s not an intergender match. But when Allie entered the ring, Earl Hebner stopped her so who the hell knows.

Dezmond and Konley have some time in the ring and dang is Xavier impressive. He goes for a pin and Sienna breaks it up and things get crazy, including a Cody Breaker from Allie to Texano.

Xavier tries to go to the top after the chaos to nail Konley but Trevor Lee knocks him off. However, it’s Storm who is legal, and he hits the Last Call on Konley for the 1-2-3.

Allie, Dezmond, and Storm win

Post match, Texano stands on the apron and stares down Storm.


In the locker room in Japan, Eli Drake cuts a promo about retaining the title at BFG.

Eddie talks about how much it meant to win the championship at NOAH. They showed clips of the match of him retaining his title against Marufuji.

Garza Jr talks about how much it means for him to be in Japan since his uncle Hector Garza spent time there. He also has eyes on the Global title. They show clips of the tag match he was part of.

They show LAX in the clubhouse talking about what happened earlier tonight. Konnan says Homicide will be back for BFG. Low-Ki isn’t there.


Moose returns to American Top Team’s facility. He parks his car taking up two handicapped spaces. His friend shows up too with a pipe. It was Stephan Bonnar, who’s apparently a UFC guy.

Garza Jr. vs. Johnny Impact in a #1 Contenders match

Back and forth during the first segment, ending with Johnny Impact doing some crazy parkour stuff over the ring steps.

Impact returns in time for us to see Garza rip off his pants. He then throws them at Johnny and superkicks him for a nearfall.

The second portion of the match was very back and forth. It ended with a back and forth small package bit where it was Johnny who was able to get the 1-2-3.

Johnny Impact wins to become #1 contender

Post match handshake and a hug.

Jim Cornette enters the ring and interviews Johnny. Impact starts talking but Chris Adonis slides in and hits him in a head with a board. Jim Cornette is not please. He does not flash his D.


Back to the American Top Team facility where Moose is parked in a couple handicap spaces.

He and Bonnar enter with some pipes. Turns out, everyone has already left except for the girl working the front. So they use their pipes to wreck some stuff. Moose steals a couple of the American Top Team titles.

The poor girl at the front was left with the place wrecked.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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