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Impact Wrestling: Previews


How does a mystery attacker get offered a wrestling contract?

You’d think they wouldn’t want anything to do with this guy. Instead, they give him a job.

Moose needs to find a spark to compete with Aries

Hell, even this advertisement is boring.

A feud with Sami Callihan will let Pentagon shine in Impact

Just two sadistic dudes trying to kill each other.

It’s all about the Slammiversary implications

There’s a big #1 contenders match tonight that will set the main event for Slammiversary.

Why don’t we do it in the woods?

Have a street fight that is.

Pentagon Jr. has had an underwhelming Impact title reign

Will it end tonight?

Matt Sydal needs to channel his inner d-bag

Matt Sydal defends his title on Impact this week. He should be a bigger douche when he does so.

Now here’s a feud that deserves a street fight

Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards to go war at House of Hardcore.

Eli Drake made his quest for the world title harder than he needed to

Why announce when he’s going to cash in the briefcase?

The more fantastical characters on Impact collide

Su Yung and Rosemary are both more mystical characters. They are set to meet tonight.

Impact has a chance to capitalize after a successful Redemption PPV

Redemption was a well received show. How will Impact follow it up?

Impact’s build to their PPV main event will be limited

They had to change plans on the fly.

Due to Alberto, Impact once again has to do some creative editing

Alberto ruins everything.

Eli Drake is super excited for this briefcase vs. briefcase match

Look at that facial expression! That’s a man who wants to win a world title opportunity.

Powerhouses collide!

There’s a title vs. title match and a hoss fight this week on Impact.

EC3 closes out his run on Thursday nights

The Feast or Fired reveal surely will spell the end of Ethan Carter’s Impact run.

Will the Ides of March spell doom for EC3 in Impact?

Tonight presents an ample opportunity to write out the Impact long timer.

For the first time ever...

We could be in for a hot main event as Johnny Impact and Austin Aries lock up for the first time.

Impact’s about to get silly (and that’s a good thing)

A woman marrying a title and a monster handler trying to unleash Abyss. Impact has some sillier angles. But that’s OK.

Can EC3 secure an Impact title shot before leaving for NXT?

EC3 may be on his way out, but he could have one more chance at the title before he leaves.

This could be the first big show of the newest Impact era

This is the first episode of the new regime that is really stacked. Will it deliver?

Welcome to the Era of Aries

This week is the fallout from the big Austin Aries title win.

It’s yet another new era in Impact Wrestling

Changes are a coming for the promotion.

Tonight may be Impact’s Genesis special, but the real new beginning is next week

It’s the last episode from the November set of tapings before they finally start airing shows from the new regime.

Impact has to fill a barbed wired match sized hole tonight

Impact had to move their main event to Twitch because of the violence. Now they have to fill that time.

Is Impact’s Grand Championship not long for this world?

Does EC3’s title have a little time left?

Alberto El Patron tries to reclaim the Impact world title

That’s one of four title matches on Impact tonight.

The EC3/Matt Sydal feud is simple but great

Sometimes you don’t need much to tell a good story.

Impact begins the journey to crown a new Knockouts champion

It’s a pretty packed episode of Impact tonight.

The dreaded turkey suit returns!

Impact dusts off their Thanksgiving tradition once again this year.

Eli Drake really needs to avoid the Canadian Destroyer

There’s a bunch advertised for Impact tonight.

Impact Wrestling moves forward with Alberto El Patron

There’s plenty of questions about what’s next for the promotion.


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