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Graveyard shift

A very good list of pro wrestling moves that sound cool

See for yourself.

There’s never a bad reason to watch these punches

National Punch Day is a thing, and we’re running with it.

WarGames is a fitting evolution for Survivor Series

Brand supremacy is a thing of the past. But the future is the past as well.

Random Promo Generator: Ultimate Warrior

"Assume the controls, Hulk Hogan."

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were the best together

Watch this old video of the two doing their thing and tell me I’m wrong.

Someone teach BillsMafia how to sell

They’ll never get anybody over like this!

Pro wrestling can be what you want it to be

It’s good to be a fan.

Random Promo Generator: Kevin Nash

One of my all time favorites from an old episode of Monday Nitro.

I still watch this old Scott Steiner clip

No, not that one. Well, that one too, but also this one.

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