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Fourth Wall Wrestling Podcast

Introducing our new Friday column - The Drop

What inspired this slice of pro wrestling goodness which will come your way each week? What can you expect when you click on it? Come on in and find out.

Making sense of the ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’

Greatest Royal Rumble is a stacked show. Is it cheapening the iconic (one ‘i’) name of a ‘Big 4’ PPV, though?

WrestleMania 34 rapid reaction: commentary on every match

The Fourth Wall Podcast team got to take in The Showcase of The Immortals live and in-person, and they shared their thoughts in a special edition - starting with Zach’s boy Seth Rollins big show-opening win.

WrestleMania 34 ‘match of the night’ predictions

The Fourth Wall Podcast gang have some ideas. See if you agree and give us yours!

An alternate ending to the WrestleMania 34 main event

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a way this story ends with a bang.

So what should WWE do with Sasha Banks and Bayley?

WWE is running out of time and space for two of their best women on the roster.

Does Roman Reigns need a theme music change?


Predictions for the women’s Elimination Chamber match include Sasha Banks heel turn

The Fourth Wall discusses the full Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on this week’s show

The ‘finishing move’ is dying a slow and painful death

Is the finisher... finished? Discuss it along with the Fourth Wall crew.

Royal Rumble reaction: Were you fooled by Roman Reigns too?

Pete and Zach of Fourth Wall Wrestling discussed the end of the men’s Rumble match and how WWE used The Big Dog to toy with their emotions.

Maybe the Miz should win the Royal Rumble

Is it time to coronate a guy we used to flat out hate, but now love to hate?

An account of Raw 25 from someone at the Barclays Center Monday night

It seemed to be a disappointing show at both venues.

Who’s Brock Lesnar?

Booker T was trying to put Sonya Deville over, but it didn’t go so well.

Yes, WWE, we’re very happy you brought the Curb Stomp back

Any podcast that allows you to discuss the Curb Stomp and THESE HANDS is going to be a guaranteed great show. Check out the Fourth Wall Wrestling show.

My WrestleMania card: Fantasy booking is fun

What is your ideal show this year?

Remember Goldust?

Not Cruiserweight Goldust.

The southpaw right-handed jab

He introduced us to a new move this week!

Acting on the fly: WWE is turning Dean Ambrose’s injury into a positive

Dean Ambrose won’t be here for a while so WWE is using that time to push Jason Jordan.


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