Paige vs Mickie James?


Quite an enticing prospect that seems to have been endorsed by both sides...Your thoughts?

UFC's Ben Rothwell cuts monster heel promo in post-fight interview


This is mid-90's WCW Dungeon of Doom level stuff. Bravo, Mr. Rothwell. Bravo. Sucks that the interviewer ruined it.

Bayley and Carmella sing WWE themes


Bayley and Carmella... Well you'll NEVER guess what they're doing on a road trip based on the title of this post.

The cast of Disneys' Aladdin and Lion King had a sing off at the airport on Thursday


As you can see, things got fun at Laguardia Airport when the cast of both Disney shows had some fun singing and dancing. The reason for this post, if you can tell, is that James Monroe Iglehart (The Genie) is rocking the yellow shirt of a former Straight Edge Superstar. While I have not seen The Lion King yet, Aladdin was amazing and Mr. Iglehart totally deserves that Tony. Thoughts Cagesiders?


Kevin Owens, role model


Oh yes indeedy. Poll here.

Jeremy Borash courts controversy with Caitlyn Jenner photoshop


In the latest incident of reckless tweeting by TNA management, Jeremy Borash has come under criticism for posting on his Twitter account the above photoshopped picture of Caitlyn Jenner to get back at Ethan Carter III for shaving his head. Currently, Borash (or at least the person running his account for him) has yet to apologise to anyone offended and is instead apparently blocking people who have called him out on his insensitivity. As this stupidity once again illustrates, PR is clearly not TNA's strong point.