CM Punk is either watching raw or following WWE on Twitter


Right after WWE tweeted about donating to the Komen foundation, CM Punk was quick to urge his followers to find a different organization for their donations. Was he watching Raw or just following on Twitter? Wonder what watching Raw with Punk would be like?k


New Day & Sasha Banks forever


If we can't have Cesaro as a permanent member of Team B.A.D. can we just make Sasha Banks a member of The New Day?

What a real revolution looks like...


Just great stuff. This right here is what this whole "Divas Revolution" deal should have been about. It's truly amazing that they manage to mention Ronda every 10 seconds, and yet still continue to not get the difference in presentation between her (or their own women at NXT) and the women on Raw. Maybe titling the video "Revolution" was a bit of a cheap shot from Dana sent the fed's way, but when you have a woman that's the top drawing fighter in the company, and the ones talking every 10 seconds about a #revolution have a division that feels startlingly similar to what it's been for years, you get to take those shots.

Bayley can do it all


Can we skip to her match with Sasha Banks at Takeover: Respect now?

Curtis Axel is still working the gimmick



New day, new challenge?


FInn wins again?

SmackDown viewers down this week


After three straight weeks of growth, viewers for this week's episode of SmackDown were down to 2.13 million viewers from last week's 2.18 million. It looks like SmackDown will hover around that number during football season.

Cant get to much NEW DAY!


17 minutes of NEW DAY and i still want more.

Total Divas season 4 finale viewers up big


After posting its lowest viewership total of the season just one week ago, the season four finale of Total Divas drew a season high 1.15 million last night. Dolph Ziggler's renewed interest in his former flame Nikki Bella proved to be a big draw.