NWA Powerrr: Episode 3


It's the show that many are quickly becoming fans of. See what the hype is about.

Ric Flair coming to Raw next week


That's what he says, at least. We already knew he would be heading for SmackDown next week. A busy week for the "Nature Boy" heading into Crown Jewel on Oct. 31.

Why professional wrestler David Starr risked his job to unionize


One of the places I get my news is the YouTube channel of So I check it today and who do I see, but former CZW World Champion and Defiant Wrestling World Champion, David Starr. It's a good interview and worth your time in my opinion. He's doing good work.

Old video of Cena and Vince at an Indy event


Just found this randomly on youtube. Cena and Vince at an Indy event back in 07. Kinda cool.

Bayley got a haircut


She's really and truly no longer the babyface we once knew and loved, dear reader.

Tag team match announced for Dynamite next week


There are multiple stories at play here in what should be an entertaining match just for the talent involved. See you next Wednesday!

Brain Strowman Enters the BA Test Kitchen


WWE Superstar Braun Strowman visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make lobster rolls with Carla Music. Can he follow along using verbal instructions only?

Tag match announced for AEW Dynamite next week


Chris Jericho's new faction gets its first taste of action while Dustin Rhodes has his first TV match on TNT.

Rush on leaving CMLL-Going Independent


You need to know Spanish, and this is as expected the worker reasoning for going indie but it’s interesting to see how the Munoz Fam is going to try working things.

In case you were worried your Premiere Week Tuesday would be without a WWE show


E! and The 'E announced today that Total Divas' season nine premiere will air on Tues., Oct. 1 instead of its usual Wednesday night time slot. So at least for this week you can focus on Ronda, Sonya, Nattie & the gang without that dang AEW/NXT war distracting you. You can read a synopsis of the new season's plotlines here.