As if Big E could ever be less than 100%


Our man Large Epsilon takes The New Day's Skittles commercial over the top by being his over the top self.

Last Hoss Standing in Cardiff


They were so focused on kicking each other's arses last week they both were counted out. So Bomber Dave Mastiff and Gallus' Joe Coffey have a date at TakeOver on Aug. 31. You can read about the other two matches NXT UK's officially announced to go head-to-head with New Japan's Royal Quest HERE.

AJ Styles challenges Braun Strowman to U.S. title match (UPDATED)


AJ Styles going after Seth Rollins seemed to indicate they could start up a program, but it looks like we're getting Styles vs. Braun Strowman instead. Here, Styles challenges Strowman to a U.S. title match on Monday Night Raw next week. It's not official just yet, but there's no reason to expect that won't be the case soon enough. UPDATE: Braun accepted and it's official.

Bray Wyatt, Fiend, Salesman


At least he makes it interesting!

AEW stays giving Jim Cornette fits


Orange Cassidy (who is basically a gimmick created for Adult Swim - and the above video announcing his signing will give you a good idea of what that means) is All Elite. How he fits in their "wins and losses matter" world is unclear, but it will cause Corny & others who dislike Joey Ryan-esque rasslin to have meltdowns.

The Fiend's lantern is Bray Wyatt's head


With his eyes sewn shut. His whole entrance is one of the more disturbing things WWE's ever put on television. YOWIE WOWIE!



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If your significant other doesn’t hit you with a RKO from outta nowhere, are you even really in love?

Chris Jericho responds to Matt Riddle

Context. This seems about right, considering.