Happy Corbin's theme is an absolute banger


Sad Corbin was pretty damn good but Happy Corbin might be even better. They really solidified that with this absolute banger of a theme for him. He'll debut a new talk show on SmackDown tonight. Follow along here.

It's the Final Countdown


Bryan Danielson's old entrance theme makes a comeback before his AEW debut, and it didn't even cost $100K. Brandon Cutler's a hero for this. He makes a damn fine hype video, too.

A new look for Mandy Rose


It's a new look NXT, so why not a new look Mandy? More here.

This is Raw


Congratulations to Doudrop!


All the best to the happy couple!

WWE's return to MSG for SmackDown was a smashing success


WWE sold a lot of tickets for a lot of money for its return to Madison Square Garden for Friday Night SmackDown this week, and they delivered one hell of a show for those paying fans.

Foley is Good


Says it all right there, rumors be damned.

Logan Paul on SmackDown tonight


Look who is showing up to get involved with WWE again! Whatever could he want this time? Find out in the live blog later this evening right here.

Mirai Maiumi is leaving TJPW


TJPW announced last night that Mirai Maiumi's contact ended as of August 31st, and she has opted to pursue opportunities outside the promotion. This is a blow to TJPW's future, as Maiumi had all the signs of being a potential future ace of the company. No word yet on where Maiumi is heading, though the popular theory currently is that she's been snatched up by STARDOM, who have been making moves to expand their roster recently.

The NXT UK champion is heading back to the UK


Fans who don't regularly watch NXT UK fell in love with Ilja Dragunov when he ended WALTER's title reign at TakeOver 36. If we want to see more of him, we're going to have to keep tabs on NXT UK, because he's not sticking around in Florida (yet).