Kevin Owens's Cats Have Overtaken His Twitter


The trio of Dwight, Chocolate, and "Dumbass" Junior recently graced the ever-surreal Twitter page of the Prizefighter. Who knows how long the felines will stay, knowing how Kevin is one step ahead than the rest of us on social media, but right now, all signs point to Junior being the breakout star.

Think we know what Neville's been doing since leaving WWE


By the look of the once-and-current PAC's abs, he's been in the gym non-stop since Oct. 2017.

Mandy and Sonya reunite over tasty treats


After this week in the WWE, we get some pun positivity from these two and everything feels better.

Pic: Renee Young ringside at Crown Jewel


She's a working woman at the WWE show in Saudi Arabia. It's something, right? Get Crown Jewel results and coverage here.

Oh, damn


Redirecting some aggression after The Champ owned her, Rhea Ripley lands a Halloween-themed haymaker on her favorite target.

A not-at-all surprising match announcement


The two babyfaces from the SmackDown side of the World Cup To Determine The Best In The World™ bracket will battle the two heels on the Oct. 31 'go home' show for Crown Jewel. Well we never!

A timely John Cena tweet


Is Crown Jewel in (even more) trouble?


John Cena + Daniel Bryan are refusing to go and Roman Reigns is hurt? If true, Crown Jewel might be in even worse shape than we'd thought.

A chilling promo from Jazz


Here is very good promo from Jazz hyping her NWA Women's Championship match at NWA 70. It was later revealed that she will face Penelope Ford.