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WWE releases Gabe Sapolsky

EVOLVE founder Gabe Sapolsky reveals that he is part of WWE’s Performance Center and NXT cuts.

Sermon on the Mat: Corino clash!

Father and son do battle for PWF, the PolyAm Cult is back, #FyeahFIP and more this week. C’mon and find something new to watch!

Samantha Tavel reportedly drops sexual assault lawsuit against Matt Riddle

It appears the legal book is closed on one of the most high-profile stories from last summer’s #SpeakingOut movement.

Sermon on the Mat: On this week’s agenda...

EFFY brings the gay agenda to Florida with No Peace Underground, the return of Shine and more this week. C’mon and find something new to watch!

Swerve’s stable led off a week of NXT debuts, and WWE name changes

Isaiah Scott put down Leon Ruff with help from ex-NFLer AJ Francis, and two former indie stars worked shows at the CWC yesterday under new kayfabe handles.

WWE no longer a defendant in sexual assault civil suit against Matt Riddle

Gabe Sapolsky’s motion to be removed was also granted by the court. Samantha Tavel’s suit against Riddle continues after his motion was denied.

WWE’s reportedly filmed footage for a second NXT show

Tentatively called NXT Evolve, the show is said to be ‘nothing like anything else WWE is doing.’

Sermon on the Mat: Shine returns!

The World Wrestling Network’s women warriors return this week and more. C’mon and find something new to watch, folks!

Some great ways to remember Brodie Lee

However you’re processing Lee’s tragic death, here’s how you can honor his life by diving into his ring work, laughing along with his portrayal of the Exalted One on BTE, learning more about what a great friend he was, and even financially helping his family.

WWE working with other promotions? Triple H says, ‘We’re open for business’

His answer sounds good, but he’s not talking about doing what AEW and Impact seem to be doing.

Rumor Roundup: Vince’s late rewrites, Zelina’s Twitch money, new NXT name, more!

The latest rumors, including SmackDown getting a new script at the last minute, why Vega chose to defy WWE, an Evolve alum gets a new kayfabe handle, and more!

Matt Riddle’s accuser announces $10 million lawsuits against him, Evolve & WWE

Any hopes WWE had this #SpeakingOut would ‘just go away’ appear to have been dashed.

WWE’s newest Performance Center class is almost all Evolve alums

Curt Stallion, Brandi Lauren, Anthony Greene, Josh Briggs, and Leon Ruff are among the names you can already find on WWE Network.

Sermon on the Mat: It’s a grindhouse!

Evolve may be gone, but the World Wrestling Network lives on! All that and more this week, c’mon and find something new to watch!

RIP Evolve: A look back at 5 years of great wrestlers, and a specific moment in indie wrestling

Evolve is seemingly dead, except in our roving reporter’s notepad.

Rumor Roundup: Lesnar/WWE, Keith Lee push, Reigns heel plans, more!

The latest rumors, including where negotiations stand between Brock & Vince, what McMahon thinks of the Limitless One, how long Roman’s new persona has been in the works, AEW’s second TV show, and more!

WWE will start airing content from independent promotions on the Network this weekend

Get ready to watch Drew McIntyre’s run through EVOLVE, and more.

Rumor Roundup: WWE draft plans, SummerSlam update, NXT signings, more!

The latest rumors, including when the next WWE draft might be, what’s up with SummerSlam’s location, some NXT deals, and more!

Rumor Roundup: New Nation of Domination, Shayna Baszler plans, Orton, more!

The latest rumors, including talk of a new Nation of Domination, what could be next for Shayna Baszler, and more!

Report: WWE acquires Evolve Wrestling

The rumor about WWE purchasing Evolve Wrestling has now been confirmed.

I love pro wrestling, but pro wrestling doesn’t love me back

Indie wrestling has had a hell of a week, and I don’t feel up to hype. Let’s talk about it, folks.

Rumor Roundup: Christian update, Kevin Owens, Raw & SmackDown stars, more!

The latest rumors, including if Christian is cleared, when Kevin Owens is expected back for tapings, how rosters came to be, and more!

Indie wrestler alleges Riddle sexually assaulted her; WWE comments

The biggest name to come out of the #SpeakingOut movement thus far, Riddle is scheduled to debut on SmackDown tonight.

Rumor Roundup: Styles issue with Heyman, Edge/Orton, roster plans, more!

The latest rumors, including AJ Styles having issues with Paul Heyman, the original plan for the Edge/Orton rematch, merging the Raw and SmackDown rosters, and more!

Sermon on the Mat: One Saturday in Queens...

WWN gives us another all-time great Evolve show, OTT have more greatest hits for us and more this week in Sermon on the Mat. C’mon and find something new to watch!

Sermon on the Mat: Evolving

The World Wrestling Network brought us a triple dose of classic shows over the weekend, so we’re leading with that! C’mon and find something new to watch, folks!

Sermon on the Mat: Dragon vs. dragon

We’ve got everything from Bryan Danielson to a fistful of lucha matches to Drew Gulak to wild highspots in Pro Wrestling: EVE to keep you company in isolation this week, folks. C’mon and find something new to watch!

Sermon on the Mat: Giants roam the earth

The pandemic still has the indies shut down, but we’ve got a passel of free matches for you, including a full free Evolve show with a Dijak/Lee! C’mon and find something new to watch!

Sermon on the Mat: Wrestling in digital

Pandemic’s still got everything shut down, but we’ve got a boatload of free matches for y’all, plus BLP goes digital! C’mon and find something new to watch!

Sermon on the Mat: Days of future now

Well, mutant-hunting robots aren’t running the nation, but stuff sure feels apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Lucky for you we’ve got a heaping helping of indie freebies to pass the time. C’mon and find something new to watch!

Sermon on the Mat: At the gates

Another week of freebies from everyone from Dragon Gate USA to PWX to keep your quarantine indietastic, folks! C’mon and find something new to watch!

Sermon on the Mat: It knocks you off your feet

The indies are still in coronavirus shutdown mode, but we’re still bringing you freebies every week. C’mon and find something new to watch!


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