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Introducing the Cageside Seats Greatest Tag Team Tournament: The Field of 64

The Cageside Seats Tournament Series is BACK! This time around, we crown the greatest tag team in history. Here, we introduce the official Field of 64.

The Cageside Seats Tournament Series is back, ladies and gentlemen, and now that we've named the Greatest Wrestler of All Time and the Greatest Match of All Time, we need to figure out the Greatest Tag Team of All Time.

You should know how this works by now. Today, we'll announce the Field of 64, tomorrow we break out the bracket and introduce all the first round match-ups, and Sunday we give you the first round schedule.

Then we're off to the races on Monday. Get pumped, Cagesiders, because we're back in business.

For this one, Scott Christ, the fearless leader of and Tape Machines Are Rolling, came through with a big assist. Actually, he's our resident rankings expert on tag teams. We trust his knowledge of THIS BUSINESS and if you have any major qualms -- we certainly don't -- you can direct them his way.

Without further ado, here's the Field of 64:

1. Road Warriors
1. Hart Foundation
1. Edge & Christian
1. Dudley Boyz

2. Fabulous Freebirds
2. Midnight Express
2. Rock n' Roll Express
2. British Bulldogs

3. Hardy Boyz
3. Steiner Brothers
3. Brainbusters
3. Demolition

4. Rockers
4. New Age Outlaws
4. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
4. Harlem Heat

5. Nasty Boys
5. Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry)
5. Wild Samoans
5. The Outsiders

6. Brothers of Destruction
6. Money Inc
6. APA
6. Hollywood Blonds (Austin & Pillman)

7. Terry & Dory Funk
7. Kevin & Kerry Von Erich
7. Soul Patrol
7. Eliminators

8. Doom
8. Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith
8. Fabulous Ones
8. World's Greatest Tag Team

9. Sabu & Rob Van Dam
9. Mega Powers
9. Fantastics
9. Los Guerreros

10. D-Generation X (Michaels & Triple H)
10. Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle
10. Killer Bees
10. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

11. Headshrinkers
11. US Express (Windham & Rotundo)
11. Dream Team (Valentine & Beefcake)
11. Colossal Connection (Andre & Haku)

12. Strike Force
12. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
12. Public Enemy
12. Bushwhackers

13. Powers of Pain
13. Kings of Wrestling
13. Too Cool
13. Quebecers

14. Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark)
14. Beer Money
14. Godwinns
14. MNM

15. Heavenly Bodies
15. Kronik
15. Smokin' Gunns
15. Natural Disasters

16. Switchblade Conspiracy
16. Second City Saints
16. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
16. Headbangers

There you have it. Discuss.

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