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The next Cageside Seats Tournament: Greatest Tag Team

We've now completed a Greatest Wrestler Tournament and a Greatest Match Tournament and had two winners who were heavily favored going in. Now, we introduce the next tournament, Greatest Tag Team.

John McKeon

We've now completed our first two tournaments, crowning a Greatest Wrestler and a Greatest Match. In both instances, you could argue the heavy favorite won each time, with Stone Cold Steve Austin winning Greatest Wrestler and "Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania 13" winning Greatest Match.

Both were absolutely worthy.

Now, it's time to move on to our next tournament, which, from where I'm sitting, has no clear favorite from the outset -- Greatest Tag Team.

Before we can commence the process of picking teams to make it in -- which you will once again be a part of, Cagesiders, this much I promise you -- we must first determine if we want to continue these tournaments in their current form.

By that I mean, should the field start at 64 teams or 32?

Starting at 64 means we get a much bigger field that will surely include any tag team you deem worthy of inclusion. But it also means prolonging the process, a complaint that has been voiced once or twice.

The flip side to that coin is that while the process wouldn't take as long starting from 32 teams, the field would obviously be smaller and a few teams may not even be included from the get go.

So, as we so often do, we leave it up to you. Should we start with 64 teams or should we start with 32? Answer in the poll below and if you can't utilize the poll option, simply leave a comment explaining your position. We'll take it all into account.

As for a planned start time for this Greatest Tag Team Tournament, we'll be taking at least the next month off, so don't expect to see the first match-up until the start of February, at the earliest.

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