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CSS Survivor Series Tournament: Team Slothstronaut advances to the Finals

Team Slothstronaut took out The Bionic Harts to advance to the Finals of the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament.

We have our first finalist in the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament. It's Matthew Roth and his Team Slothstronaut, who took out The Bionic Harts by a score of 22-15.

It should come as no surprise, really, seeing as Roth boasts Stone Cold Steve Austin as the team leader. That's the same Austin who won the Cageside Seats Greatest Wrestler Tournament. His supporting cast of Brian Pillman, Mankind, Terry Funk and Booker T make for a tough out.

Oh, and don't forget about Robocop.

The Bionic Harts mismatched team might have been undone by the fact that, well, they're so mismatched. Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Stu Hart and the British Bulldog make up a super talented, cohesive squad. But add Sting and Ryback to the mix and they were simply out of place.

Sorry, J-Rodzilla, it's off to the gallows.


Up next, bmf1314 will match up with Dark Talon to see who has the better team, The Damn Dragons or the Lords of Destruction.

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