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CSS Survivor Series Tournament Second Round Schedule

Just a quick hitter on the schedule for the second round of the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament. No time off on this one, folks, we're rolling right along.

We're moving right along with the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament, not taking any days off and pushing right on through. Round one is in the books after eight match-ups that saw some upsets -- or at least I think so -- and some not so surprising results.

Let's see how round two shakes up. Only four match-ups in this round:

Sat., Nov. 24: The Kilts O' Carnage (s1rude) vs. Team Slothstronaut (Matthew Roth)

Sun., Nov. 25: The Undefeatables (hfl2013) vs. Lords of Destruction (Dark Talon)

Mon., Nov. 26: The Rejected X-Men (Kanenite) vs. The Bionic Harts (J-Rodzilla)

Tues., Nov. 27: Damn Dragons (bmf1314) vs. The New New Dangerous Alliance (WVPiratesfan)

Good luck, Cagesiders.

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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