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Survivor Series Tournament: The Bionic Harts advance to round two

The Bionic Harts were rebuilt to win, as J-Rodzilla had the technology to do so. CaseygarnerPDX's 'The Main Event' succumbed to a Hart Attack in the first round of the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament.

Image via, user: wrestlingdelorian

The third match-up in the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament has been determined. The Bionic Harts leap to join both The Kilts O'Carnage and The Riot Act to advance on into the second round.

The Bionic Harts were apparently rebuilt to win, as J-Rodzilla clearly had the technology to do so. Their solid and steady Hart Beat was overwhelmingly audible, while Sunday Night's 'The Main Event', owned and operated by CaseygarnerPDX, apparently succumbed to a Hart Attack.

The final tally was 21-12, with even Casey conceding rather magnanimously, that J-Rod did have an excellent team in The Bionic Harts.

Kudos to CaseygarnerPDX for remaining classy as the curtain closed on The Main Event.

Ssft-day3-vtpoll_large Ssft-day3-vttotal_medium

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Next up on the docket is The General's squad, The nWo, taking on WVPiratesfan's team, The New New Dangerous Alliance, to vote in this match-up, go here.

The nWo:

Hulk Hogan
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Ted DiBiase
nWo Fake Sting
Eric Bischoff (WC)


The New New Dangerous Alliance

CM Punk
The Giant
Lex Luger
AJ Styles
Paul Heyman (WC)

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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