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Could DDP's yoga save Scott Hall's life? Kevin Nash disses the idea on Twitter

Diamond Dallas Page and Jake "The Snake" Roberts have been attempting to convince Scott Hall to live in their Accountability Crib, which prompted Kevin Nash to publicly diss the very notion on Twitter that yoga alone could save his friend's life.

The days when Scott Hall was a reliable star are a distant memory
The days when Scott Hall was a reliable star are a distant memory
Photo by Mandy Coombes of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Since I started writing for this site three years ago, we've had to document Scott Hall's rather halfhearted battle with substance abuse far too often.

Desperate for ratings, TNA foolishly brought him back into the wrestling spotlight in Jan. 2010, to put "The Band" back together with Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman. The short-lived comeback unfortunately ended as everyone feared with Hall arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest at an Orlando bar.

In Apr. 2011, Hall made the headlines again when he was hospitalised with "cardiac issues", shortly after going through with an ill advised appearance for Top Rope Promotions where he was completely smashed out of his mind and looked worryingly haggard, immobile and frail for a man 52 years old at the time.

Fearing imminent death, his ex-wife Dana Hall created a Twitter account to publicly shame his best friends in the business Nash, Waltman and Shawn Michaels into making a last ditch intervention and wrote an open letter calling on all wrestling promoters to stop booking Scott, which enabled his addictions to continue unabated.

It didn't take long for Dana to wash her hands completely of the situation. Understandably so, when Scott spat at her and threatened to hit her, while resisting the EMTs she had called to help him.

Hall's problems were laid bare for the world to see when he appeared on an episode of ESPN E:60, which included the revelation that they dated back to feelings of guilt over being charged with second degree murder in 1983 after shooting a man in self-defence with a gun in an altercation outside of a nightclub, which was later dropped due to lack of evidence. Stephanie McMahon also revealed that WWE had paid well "in the six figures" over the years for many of Hall's numerous failed rehabilitation attempts.

Last year, Hall was arrested for choking his girlfriend, Lisa Howell, in a drunken rage, but the victim declined to press charges, allowing the status quo to continue.

Apparently, Scott is in as rough a shape as ever. With his track record, who on earth could possibly save Hall from his demons?

Diamond Dallas Page thinks he's the man for the job with his yoga workouts and Accountability Crib. To be fair, he has managed to do wonders with Jake "The Snake" Roberts so far, something I was initially very sceptical of, especially when DDP originally made the absolutely crazy decision of allowing him to drink a few beers in the house until he inevitably screwed up. Roberts now looks in the best shape he's been in for over 20 years and it's genuinely believable when he says that he's been clean for more than 60 days.

However, Jake clearly wants to get better, something that can't be said for Scott. My gut instinct would be that DDP would be biting off way more than he could chew if he ever managed to get Hall into his crib, as "The Bad Guy" has never shown the will power and resilience to stick with sobriety for any length of time and he clearly has major psychological issues to deal with before being able to do so.

That hasn't put off DDP and Roberts from giving it the old college try though. A video has surfaced on YouTube where they call up Hall attempting to convince him to join them in their Atlanta retreat, after Page supposedly received a text from Sean Waltman saying that his best friend wasn't sounding good at all and was talking about getting a gun:

The footage I'm afraid comes off a bit exploitative and self-serving, as Hall sounds clearly inebriated when he answers the phone, rambles on about him dying but he doesn't want to die, and admits to drinking vodka for breakfast and throughout the day.

I'm not the best person to make such a judgement, of course, not knowing the people involved personally. However, Kevin Nash, who would be in a position to make a fair assessment, upon hearing the idea that DDP's yoga could save Scott Hall's life, publicly dissed the very notion via Twitter (note that all but the bolded tweets have since been deleted from his feed):

"I love everyone telling me about what Scott needs, been dealing with this for 20 years. Scott will get healthy when Scott wants 2 period.

Yeah, over a million dollars at the world's best rehab facilities, I've always said what about yoga.

This has nothing to do with me. This is on Scott and him alone. He knows he's loved. I've been there since day one. Nothing I can do. Only Scott.

If you have not lived with addiction, then you should shut the fuck up. Pray... really my prayers go unheard? Love 2 one that loves not himself.

I have seen the damage done, family, children, how dare you sit at your keyboard and judge me or those that have suffered along with this man.

Scott told everyone 2 months ago he was going to DDP's, going to be there that weekend. Show me the tape when he walks in the door.

Got to love Twitter, one of my best friends is "going" to Atlanta and some mark asks me what do I think of The Shield. Why, they going to rehab?

Jake was clean when he went to Dallas, Scott will die during the detox stage. That's real world not bullshit.

Does anyone realise Scott will die if not taken to a hospital and clinically detoxed? You fucking idiots...... Yoga great. 20 years of abuse?

Did Scott know he was on that call live, that's fucked up. I would never have my friend saying over and over he lives on vodka, don't work 4 me.

Q: I really hope Scott gets the help he needs but do u believe he will actually go to Atlanta to stay with DDP? - A: NO.

This is my friend's life, not a PSA. You want the truth? It's not for you to know."

Technically, it's not true that Jake was clean when he went to DDP, but he was at least making an attempt to stay on the wagon. Nash is obviously right that Hall isn't ready for Page's yoga program. It may be the perfect solution to keep him on the straight and narrow after he's successfully completed rehab, but until that day happens, which tragically will almost certainly never come, I wouldn't raise my hopes up of DDP turning this fallen wrestler's life around.

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