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Cruiserweight Classic

Why WWE’s Cruiserweights are failing

As soon as Vince got his hands on the Cruiserweight Division, everything that separated that talent from main roster WWE performers completely disappeared. There’s a very simple reason for it.

Smarks hold their own Clash of Champions

And it's headlined by the best pro wrestler in the world.

Top 10 cruiserweight moves that changed the game

A bonus video from WWE to get you ready for the division’s debut tonight on Raw, with lots of clips from Nitro and the CWC.

Not Your Demographic, Ep. 50: No Rest For The Wicked

Stella & Erin did it. They made an episode.

'Delete or Decay' classified as anything but OBSOLETE

Our weekly fan vote wasn't quite a massacre for performers not in Matt Hardy's latest piece of broken brilliance. Come see how folks from Raw, SmackDown, Lucha Underground, the CWC and other broadcast wrestling shows did, and vote for your favorites!

A very good exchange between Mick Foley and Corey Graves

This is good tweeting.

CWC Recap: Crowning a Champion

The Cruiserweight Classic is over, and we're all much better off for having gotten the chance to enjoy it.

Featured Fanshot

TJP's chest sure is gross

TJ Perkins, Cruiserweight Champion

Yes indeed, folks, TJP won not just the Cruiserweight Classic, but also the reactivated Cruiserweight Championship.

WWE Cruiserweight Classic finale results & live blog

Zack Sabre, Jr. vs. Gran Metalik! Kota Ibushi vs. TJ Perkins! A Ciampa/Gargano tag match! And the finals of the first ever CWC! Join us for all the action, right here!

WWE CWC preview: All Good Things...

One last night of cruiserweight action, folks! Let’s break it down together.

WWE CWC freebies: Alexander vs. Lorcan

Plus tag team action featuring Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Lince Dorado, & Kenneth Johnson, folks. Come and get it!

DAMN! That’s an Extreme #GloriousBomb

Tommaso & Johnny are wrapping up their indie dates, and, well, this is something. Something GLORIOUS.

CWC recap & reactions: The Duke of Dab

A bit of a letdown after two amazing weeks in a row, but two good matches set up a great final four for next week's finale.

Featured Fanshot

The Cruiserweight Classic final is already upon us

Ibushi vs. Perkins. Metalik vs. Sabre. What started with 32 men on July 13 all comes down to those four names fighting in the semi and final rounds on a two hour live special next Wednesday, Sept. 14. One of the best wrestling tournaments ever wraps up at 9PM Eastern on WWE Network.

Cruiserweight Classic results: Quarterfinals!

We’ve only got two weeks left. Find out who will earn the final two spots on the live finale!

WWE CWC Preview: Swann vs. Perkins

Quarterfinals are gone almost as soon as they got here, folks. C’mon in and we’ll break the last two down together!

Updated (and final?) list of Raw cruiserweights

Three more men from the CWC were introduced via video package on last night’s show, and a report says they round out the initial division.


Seriously. Eww.

CWC recap & reactions: The Dream is Over

Round 3 of the Cruiserweight Classic begins, and, wow. Matches like Metalik/Tozawa and Kendrick/Ibushi continue to make WWE Network's Cruiserweight Classic must see - and put it in the conversation for best tournament ever.

‘Just a couple of grown dudes crying about rasslin’

The CWC does it again with an emotional payoff to Brian Kendrick’s journey, shared with his good friend Daniel Bryan.

CWC results & open thread: Quarterfinals!

We’ve only got three weeks left. Find out who will earn the first two spots on the live finale!

WWE CWC Preview: Kendrick vs. Ibushi

Will 38-year-old Brian Kendrick have to find another chance? We don’t know yet, but come on in and we’ll break down tonight’s matchups together.

Spoilers from Cruiserweight Classic taping (Aug. 26)

With less than a month before the live finale and the new cruiserweight division’s Raw premiere, tonight will give us at least the quarterfinals of the inaugural tournament. Get the results as they happen here!

Gargano and Ciampa have new merch and a new GLORIOUS video

Is it a new #GLORIOUSBOMB? See for yourself, and let us know what you think of #DIY’s first shirt.

CWC recap & reactions: Evolution

We weren't sure if we were watching WWNLive or WWE Network, but we were positive we got three great matches, one shocking result and an amazing bit of booking across two shows and one month in the main event.

CWC results & open thread: Gargano vs. Perkins

Three new matches as the second round concludes - including future Raw star Rich Swann!

Johnny Gargano reveals the origin of the #GLORIOUSBOMB

It’s the most 2016 thing ever. Find out how it started and why it’s probably not completely going away.

WWE CWC Preview: Sabre, Swann & more!

Finishing the second round strong with three big matchups, folks. Come on in and see how everything stacks up!

Rumor Roundup: Lesnar’s next feud, new Universal champ, more!

What is WWE working toward with Brock? Who’s the early frontrunner to follow Finn? Why didn’t Bubba Ray turn on D-Von? Possible answers to these questions and more in today's Rumor Roundup!

Cruiserweights launch on Sept. 19

The ongoing division starts on Raw just days after the Cruiserweight Classic wraps on WWE Network.

Cedric Alexander says ROH nearly made him quit wrestling

During an emotional farewell speech to PWX. And is he on his way to WWE? Find out about all that and more, right here.


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