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Random Promo Generator: Scott Steiner

There’s some context for this but it wouldn’t add enough to even bother with it. This stands on its own as a classic from the great Scott Steiner, who has a way with words no other human ever will:

“Team 3D, you guys are out of your mind coming to Atlanta, Georgia, the place that the Steiner Brothers got their start in professional wrestling. You guys are out of your mind making it a table match because tonight we’re going to beat you at your own game. And after it’s all said and done you’re gonna be taking splinters out of your faaaaat asses all night long because you got some faaaaat asses. The only one chance you have — you have no chance but you had a chance — is you could run lickety split. Because you can’t run because you got some faaaaat asses. After it’s said and done we’re gonna have a tailgate party for all my freaks out there in Atlanta, Georgia.”

I miss him so very, very much.

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