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Cageside Seats: The Podcast say farewell!

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This week on Cageside Seats: The Podcast we bid you farewell. Of course, we take one last time to dunk on TK and Cody Rhodes, complain about the state of AEW’s women’s division and celebrate the brilliance of Sami Zayn. It’s still a wrestling podcast after all!

We’ve loved doing this podcast for you and though we were only around a short time we’re happy we brought some joy and levity to the world of professional wrestling podcasts. It’s been real Cagesiders! Thanks for all the support.

Listen below or on Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes or Spotify:

While you can’t join into the conversation next week you can still pop into the comments and share your thoughts about the official honorary Uce Sami Zayn, the state of the AEW women’s division, one final dunk on Cody Rhodes or r any of the other numerous topics we discussed (or missed). Just remember, keep it friendly!

And don’t forget to stay on for all your wrestling news!

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