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CMLL Roundup: Former NJPW champion debuts and demands title shot, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

With the International Gran Prix around the corner on August 19, Robbie Eagles decided to get acclimated to the scene by arriving early for his CMLL debut. Eagles teamed with Ultimo Guerrero and Gran Guerrero in trios action against Volador Jr., Averno, and Dragon Rojo Jr. for Friday night’s main event (Aug. 5, 2022).

Eagles took some lumps early to be pinned by Dragon Rojo on a flying dropkick to the gluteus region in the first fall. Eagles found his groove in the second fall for a teamwork catapult attack and a suicide cannonball helping his team even the score. For the third fall, Eagles landed a 450 splash onto Dragon Rojo’s legs and applied a cruceta submission for victory as Dragon Rojo tapped out.

After the match, Eagles called out Dragon Rojo for a shot at the CMLL World Middleweight Championship. Challenge accepted for next Friday. Eagles is no stranger to gold having held the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Tiger Mask.

Check out the rocking highlights.

Backstage, Eagles cut a promo hyping his win. He can’t wait to make Dragon Rojo tap out from the Ron Miller Special one more time.

In other important matches from the past month, the finale of La Leyenda de Plata tournament came down to Soberano Jr. versus Templario. La Leyenda de Plata honors El Santo. Both luchadores won torneo ciberneticos to advance. Soberano Jr. won the first phase (highlights), and Templario won the second phase (highlights). Templario scored the victory over Soberano Jr. on a powerbomb backbreaker in an exciting affair. The highlight package is a dandy of athleticism.

A mask versus mask match took place in the minis division between Pequeño Olimpico and Ultimo Dragoncito. Both wrestlers were on the losing end of a torneo cibernetico suicida to be put in this predicament. Pequeño Olimpico used a small package roll-up for victory. Ultimo Dragoncito removed his mask and revealed his name to be Miguel Angel Arciniega Peña.

Barbaro Cavernario won the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship from Niebla Roja. The caveman was victorious using La Cavernaria submission. That ended Niebla Roja’s reign at 1,862 days.

Enjoy the highlights from the title fight.

Princesa Sugehit retained the CMLL World Women’s Championship against Dark Silueta in a battle of champions. Silueta holds the national title. Silueta had the upper hand often, but Sugehit prevailed with a Michinoku Driver.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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