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Cageside Seats: The Podcast! investigates a wild week in wrestling

Claire Elizabeth tags in for Stella Cheeks and talks Vince McMahon, Miro, and answers a question with her mind

Anything interesting happen this week?

Oh, yeah, that’s right. Everything. Wrestlers are hurt, ratings are high, and the King Kong of professional wrestling is weakened, if only a little. Who better to take you through that whirlwind of news than the good folks at Cageside Seats: The Podcast?!?!

Stella Cheeks is on a well-deserved vacation, so Claire Elizabeth joined me this week to talk through all of this, and show off her mind reading powers. There’s really nothing that woman can’t do.

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You don’t have to wait until next week to join the conversation, however. Pop into the comments and share your thoughts on the Vince McMahon’s future, Triple H’s “power,” and your Forbidden Door predictions.

And don’t forget to stay on for all the latest breaking news.

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