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Cageside Community Star Ratings for every AEW & main roster WWE PPV/PLE of 2022

After every 2022 WWE and AEW PLE/PPV, we asked you all to rank each match on the show using the star rating system made famous by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

For individual shows, we compare the community’s rating to Meltzer’s and (for additional reference, and the anti-Observer crowd) Cagematch’s. This year-end wrap-up is all about the Cageside Community’s scores, though.

It may not be fair to crown the one that got the most stars our “Match of the Year”. This doesn’t encompass any non-AEW or WWE matches (although New Japan did get some consideration via Forbidden Door). It doesn’t include anything that happened on those two promotion’s weekly television shows, or the pay-specials offered by WWE’s developmental brand.

But we’re okay with that. Because we’ll take any excuse we can get to celebrate Gunther & Sheamus’ BANGER at Clash at the Castle. Those meaty men edged out our second highest rated bout, and the one that seems to be winning most of the WWE Match of the Year Awards on the internet, Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins’ Hell in a Cell classic.

Wish we had the resources to dig into the numbers and tell you thinks like who was in the highest rated matches, but to this point have only found the time to add a color to show you which matches are from AEW shows (their PPV Match of the Year would be Forbidden Door’s Will Ospreay/Orange Cassidy affair, btw).

Here’s the full ranked list of our collective Star Ratings for each AEW & WWE PPV/PLE match that happened in 2022.

You can find more discussion, and the aforementioned Meltzer and Cagematch scores, in our individual Star Ratings posts from throughout the year:

WWE Day 1
WWE Royal Rumble
WWE Elimination Chamber
AEW Full Gear
WrestleMania 38
WWE WrestleMania Backlash
AEW Double or Nothing
WWE Hell in a Cell
AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door
WWE Money in the Bank
WWE SummerSlam
WWE Clash at the Castle
AEW All Out
WWE Extreme Rules
WWE Crown Jewel
AEW Full Gear
WWE Survivor Series

Represent your favorites, (respectfully) blast high and low scores you disagree with, and let us know what general thoughts you have on this list in the comments below.

And stick with us throughout the new year! We’re looking forward to another years of hoss fights, spot fests, brawls, technical showcases and more with you all in 2023!

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