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Your guide to pro wrestling Black Friday deals from WWE, AEW and more

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Looking to save a few bucks on a holiday gift for the sports entertainment fan in your life? Been meaning to fill out your collection of shoot interview DVDs, or complete your collection of Young Bucks tees? Just need an excuse to pick up that RK-Bro Throw Pillow you’ve had your eye on?

Well, Happy Consumerism Day!

Yep, you’re welcome, world. The United States turned the day after our Thanksgiving into a shopping event. So if all that gratitude from yesterday didn’t fill the hole in your soul, today you can try to fill it with STUFF... and save a few bucks doing it!

Or, for a less cynical take... Black Friday (which now seems to start in early November and extend through “Cyber Monday” as everybody tries to keep get a leg up on the competition and stay ahead of Amazon and other online-only retailers) is here to give you an opportunity to put a smile on somebody’s face by making that perfect gift a little more affordable.

Whatever your motives, here are a few places you can get a discount on various & sundry rasslin goods right now:

WWE Shop (now “A Fanatics Experience”) has slashed prices up to 40% (the deepest cuts are on merch for defunct gimmicks like Nikki A.S.H. costume accessories and the like, but there are sales on lots of other stuff, too) with code WWEBF.

ProWrestlingTees has a blanket deal for all the merch on their site, with some categories getting deeper discounts than others:

As you can see in that graphic, if you’re looking for apparel from Tony Khan or Bushiroad-owned promotions, you’re discounts are going to be on the lower end of PWT’s “up to 60%” promise.

But while the All Elite shirts won’t be half-price, a lot of their other merch is 25-50% off at their own shop. Action figures and signed & unsigned memorabilia get the deepest cuts. New Japan gets in on the action (and sneaks a few shirts in, too) with 50% off select items on their site.’s offering are limited this year, but if you want DVDs, dog tags or Micro Brawlers (whatever those are), they’re 20% off.

Our pals over at Homage have 15% off everything today. Cageside has had affiliate deals with Homage in the past, but we don’t have one right now. Regardless of whether or not my corporate masters benevolent bosses are getting a cut though, Homage is my favorite source for WWE-licensed or other pop culture swag. The stuff is just so well made, and C-O-M-P-H-Y. Anyway... their sale lasts until midnight.

Highspots is offering 20% off almost everything (check the site for excluded items), from books to action figures to luchador masks.

Watch earlier matches from folks like Kevin Owens & a generic luchador who always seemed pretty Ucey to us, and support indie wrestling in the process at SmartMarkVideo —where today you can get 30% off a $40+ purchase. And fans of Indie King Matt Cardona’s Major Wrestling Figure Podcast can find all manner of deals at Ringside Collectibles if you poke around their site. Their Black Friday list is here.

Read and hear all of Wrestling Observer’s offerings in the original Meltzer for the next month for only 99¢ (deal lasts until 11:59pm ET on Sat., Nov. 26).

We’ve surely missed some deals out there on the wild, wild web, so share anything we overlooked with your fellow Cagesiders in the comments below and...

Happy holiday purchasing!

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