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Tweets of the Week: Dana Brooke boxing, Steve Austin beer botch, more!

It’s time again for some Sunday silliness with the Tweets of the Week. It will feature random delights with a focus on the three B’s: bods, beasts, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of these might not be from this week nor be tweets. Enjoy it anyway.

Dana Brooke has been dabbling with the sweet science of boxing. Perhaps one day she will step into the boxing ring herself.

Steve Austin would say cheers to that, except he botched the beer can dismount. Even the best have their off days. At least he shrugged it off with a smile.

If you are in the mood for streaming, let Batista be your guide. He scored a gig as a new pitchman for Disney.

It’s not Halloween yet, however, that didn’t stop Eva Marie from sporting Mad Max inspired fashion.

Mandy Rose enjoyed her birthday on a boat. That’s fine and dandy, but what really caught my eye was the bottle. Is that a beer koozie for champagne? Mind blown! What will they think of next?

Lana is back in a dancing mood with helicopter arms.

Look at all the floof TJ Wilson has in his hands. He somehow managed to tame a three-headed cat.

Sasha Banks struck a similar pose with Ryu Maivia.

If you’ve ever been trapped in a hotel room needing a workout, then let Rick Boogs show you the way.

Time to check across the country for other wackiness in different wrestling promotions. Over in ROH, Dalton Castle channeled his own version of Hulkamania with his boys. There is no holding back a peacock when it yearns to strut.

Meanwhile in Impact, Kimber Lee turned into an undead bride with Su Yung.

As goofy as both of those instances are, they work well in their own way within those worlds.

We’ll close with Kurt Angle cherishing his gold medal in preparation for the Olympics.

To this day, it is still amazing that Angle won with a broken freaking neck. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.

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