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Cool Moves!

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Folks seemed to like it when I made or grabbed some GIFs of wrestling spots that caught my eye last Wednesday, and as a masked man normally* says on Wednesday nights, you’ve got to give the people what they want.

Here’s a collection of moves I thought were cool from the past couple days.

Who doesn’t love an RKO out of nowhere? In this case, the one Randy Orton countered Xavier Woods’ Honor Roll with on the Jun 14 Raw.


Elsewhere on Monday night, Varsity Blonde Julia Hart is as green as most of the women you see on AEW’s YouTube shows. But when she busts out a combo like this split bulldog into a picture perfect moonsault like she did against Dani Jordyn on Dark: Elevation, you can see why the company is giving her a piece of the spotlight.

AEW’s YouTube

Also on that episode, go check Manolo’s recap for another great GIF. Wardlow mercing Jason Hotch was noteworthy more for the awesome sell than the move itself, so I didn’t repeat it here. But props to Hotch (who also died for our entertainment last Friday against Lance Archer on Dynamite).

Quality’s not great on this one, but can’t pass up the chance to represent for JTG, Brooklyn, and NWA Powerrr. It’s great to see Shad Gaspard’s old partner in action, especially since he brought this Razor’s Edge cutter thing he calls Brooklyn’s Edge to the dance against El Rudo (aka Sam Adonis, Corey Graves’ brother).

Fite TV via Javier DraVen’s Twitter

And last but not least, Kacy Catanzaro doing Kacy Catanzaro things on last night’s NXT - with a big assist, as is often the case, from her partner Kayden Carter.

WWE’s Twitter

What about you, Cagesiders? Seen any Cool Moves™ lately?

* This may not run on Wednesdays once Dynamite goes back its normal night of the week, but I’ll try to keep it in regular rotation as long as there’s demand for it.