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Tweets of the Week: nZo has zero dimes, Ric Flair as newest Ingobernable, more!

It’s time again for some Sunday silliness with the Tweets of the Week. It will feature random delights with a focus on the three B’s: bods, beasts, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of these might not be from this week nor be tweets. Who cares. Enjoy it anyway.

We’ll start with an update on nZo’s health status. He was taken to the hospital after a DDT on the floor from Ivan Warsaw. nZo thanked everybody via tweet. Later, he added a little promo discussing his condition.

nZo explained that if he a dime for every time he got knocked out and didn’t get back up, he would have zero dimes. He demonstrated by smashing a piggy bank with a hammer. Personally, I get a chuckle out of nZo’s hairstyle, outfit, and classic wrestling neck brace.

Ric Flair has been partying in majestic blue waters with pals Andrade and Rush.

It appears that Flair is the newest member of Los Ingobernables, but I can’t tell if it is legit or just an honorary designation. It certainly would be cool to see Flair accompany Andrade, Rush, and the various other chapter members to the ring in different countries around the world.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair had a humorous caption for her styling and profiling at the chess board.

From queen to king, Shinsuke Nakamura has been strutting around town with the crown. He brewed coffee, took a joy ride, pumped gas into his chariot, worked out in the park, and posed with his cat all while wearing the symbolic headpiece, but the coolest image was in the dojo.

The Rhodes family knows when Brandi is not in the best mood.

How about some furry head tilts to brighten your day, courtesy of Prince Presley and Bowie.

Thea Trinidad scares me. I’d be careful as one of her pawns.

Time for a music intermission with Tom Lawlor.

We’ll round this week out with a variety of celebrations. Stephanie McMahon posted a photo from her youth with Andre the Giant in honor of his 75th birthday.

Kelly Kelly walked down the wedding aisle earlier this month. Click right to see plenty of neat photos.

Lana’s dance for Natalya’s birthday was met with cheekiness.

Chelsea Green is officially cleared to wrestle after suffering a broken wrist. Click right for medical photos. The last video contains language not suitable for work.

Last on the list is Matt Cardona wishing a happy birthday to Swoggle. This image is also not suitable for work.

Woo, woo, woo.

You know it.

Who knew the Internet Championship would finally have purpose.

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