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Tweets of the Week: Drew McIntyre’s feline fans, Renee Paquette’s joy is contagious, more!

It’s time again for some Sunday silliness with the Tweets of the Week. It will feature random delights with a focus on the three B’s: bods, beasts, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of these might not be from this week nor be tweets. Who cares. Enjoy it anyway.

We’ll kick off with Drew McIntyre’s Claymore kitties giving his new book the paw of approval. This quartet of photos definitely deserves closer inspection to fully appreciate all the expressions, from both man and feline alike. The book A Chosen Destiny: My Story is available for purchase now.

Next up is a jolt of joy. Renee Paquette was ecstatic to finally receive hard copies of her own cookbook. Her jubilation is contagious. This video is a little long, but it is worth viewing. Or you can skip to 4:43 to see her hip thrusting happy dance. Messy in the Kitchen is available May 18.

I don’t think the Cup Noodles instructions are in Renee’s cookbook. You’ll have to figure out how to cook that on your own. Click through for bonus shots of Blue the bulldog.

Going round for round with Renee in the baby belly competition is Brandi Rhodes.

Charlotte Flair was suspended this week from WWE, so she did what anybody else would do with extra time on their hands. Charlotte relaxed with Andrade the Champagne Papi on the Mayan Riviera coast near Tulum, Mexico. That’s style. I’m so uncouth that I have no clue what they are eating.

Now that Karrion Kross has dominated NXT, it appears that he is looking into dominating the universe. Kross and Scarlett visited NASA under the guise of attending a SpaceX launch, but we all know the real story is Kross preparing to fulfill his destiny as an intergalactic warrior.

Run, Lana, run! Set your bets for the win, place, and show trifecta in a race between Lana and her pooches, Joy and Pickles.

Poor Ryu Maivia. Sasha Banks’ dog has a look of pure terror. You know what that means. Caption contest!

Here’s some cool lucha libre artwork posted by Masked Republic. The one with El Santo sounds kinky. Love me or kill me.

Part two of the lucha libre classics coming in hot. El Santo was into some sordid behavior with the lady of the night and the devourer of women.

This week’s flashback goes to Jim Duggan and Buzz Sawyer for a hootenanny of fisticuffs.

We’ll close with a couple of dude bros in Matt Riddle and Ron Van Dam.

Enjoy your dude-day or bro-day or whatever you call it.

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