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Tweets of the Week: Steve Austin adopts dog, Marshall Von Erich herds sheep, more!

It’s time again for some Sunday silliness with the Tweets of the Week. It will feature random delights with a focus on the three B’s: bods, beasts, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of these might not be from this week nor be tweets. Who cares. Enjoy it anyway.

We’ll start with a new addition to the Stone Cold family. Steve Austin adopted a senior pooch to join his pack.

If you’re keeping count at home, Brownie joins Cali and Moolah.

The Von Erichs have a lot of free time on their hands at their Hawaii ranch since the pandemic canceled MLW events. Marshall has taken to playing head games as a sheep herder.

Time for a snack break with luchador Australian Suicide as he snacks on WAP. I’m talking about cheesy potato chips. He also is aware of the WAP song trend as evidenced by an embarrassing wetness.

If you watched Being the Elite, then you’ve already seen the dance contest between Angelico & Jack Evans and Alex Reynolds & John Silver. But, have you seen it to the tune of, “Stayin’ Alive,” by the Bee Gees? The drum beat perfectly matches Evans’ fancy feet, and the groove does surprisingly well to accompany Silver’s pelvic thrusts. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just hit play and enjoy a disco boogie.

Back to animal pictures. John Morrison and Taya took their white Pomeranian to his first brunch.

Lacey Evans got matching red necklaces for herself and her chicken. I like the commitment to social media content, but this one seems weird. I mean weirder than the rest.

The flashback maneuver of the week goes to Frankie Kazarian with a flying cutter to Christopher Daniels, who just so happens to be hanging upside down from an Ultimate X steel structure. It happens right at the start of the clip. The move was so insane that Mike Tenay yelled frantically to production for a replay.

Here’s Dusty Rhodes doing some swashbuckling with a sword during a wrestling match.

We’ll close with two updates. First is for Baron Corbin. He crashed last week while mountain biking. This week, he is a superstar. I guess his little jump could be photoshopped, but I’ll take Corbin’s word that he is king of the trail.

Second is for the Karate Man. Ethan Page’s alter ego has a great idea. Karate Man versus Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Karate is grossly underrepresented in the sport of professional wrestling. If that JCVD fight falls through, then perhaps Karate Man can compete against Jon Moxley at the upcoming Bloodsport event. You can catch clips of the Karate Man in action at the 6:07 mark of Page’s vlog.

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