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Tweets of the Week: John Morrison breakdancing, Judas Effect in MMA fight, more!

It’s time again for some Sunday silliness with the Tweets of the Week. It will feature random delights with a focus on the three B’s: bods, beasts, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of these might not be from this week nor be tweets. Who cares. Enjoy it anyway.

The Shaman of Sexy strut his stuff on the dance floor to promote the winter collection of Taya Valkyrie’s clothing line, Loca. John Morrison has some fly moves.

The Loca clothing release is scheduled for November 7.

You have to love it when pro wrestling meets reality. In a UFC bout last night, Brian Ortega unleashed a Judas Effect on Chan Sung Jung. A spinning back elbow isn’t rare in the fight game, but it is still cool to see Jericho’s signature maneuver be executed. Leave it to MJF to butter Jericho’s ego as an influencer.

The fight went the distance with Ortega picking up the victory, so perhaps Le Champion could provide some pointers to make it a clean knockout next time.

Kalisto is back showing off his abs. This time he is using a blade technique for definition. Whatever is going on, it definitely works.

Peyton Royce has strong toes.

R-Truth is celebrating his 42nd reign as 24/7 champ by joining the cranberry juice skateboarding meme while singing, “Dreams,” by Fleetwood Mac.

I present this photo of Dolph Ziggler without context. Sounds like grounds for a caption contest.

Fenix is feeling cute. Might delete later.

MLW’s Gino Medina shared a funny story about running schemes on his fellow middle school students.

We’ll close with an elbow blast from Minoru Suzuki.

If AEW ever irons out a talent exchange with NJPW, then I want to see Jericho versus Suzuki in a battle of elbow strikes.

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